“The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender”-Emil Ludwig.

The depth of a kiss can say so much. It can open up the gateways to personal transformation, it can awaken you to a state or sensation of life that you have dreamt of or even tasted in a distant past life. A kiss can cause dimensions to collide and chakra’s to blast open. In the same turn it can cause pain, emptiness, bitterness and even a feeling of loss or disgust.

In  todays world we are either far to open and desensatized to sensual kissing or we are the reverse, closed,edgy, and frigid. Fearful of allowing anyone in. We see and experience a multitude of kisses in our day to day lives: the sweet compassionate kiss of a mother to her child, the warm friendship kiss that is part of an embrace between good friends or sisters, the respectful societal kiss during a wedding or function that is placed without feeling or emotion upon one’s cheek by friend and foe. We most likely experience many of these ourselves, but for many kissing is related to our intimate relationships. Depending on what phase of the relationship we are in we experience kissing differently but we all long for that “first kiss feeling.”

Men and women alike long for the moment that they get to “lock lips” with the one they are enchanted with. Sometimes this first experience can be less then pleasurable, let alone sensual or sacred. Often, it comes with expectations of what will follow, it may be generated through a stimulant that only partially masks the nervousness, but one thing is for sure: each party is hungry to see if the other is a “good kisser” or not. It is a common belief that a kiss will tell you what kind of lover the other is. Many women depend on a kiss to send some sort of energetic communication to their soul and share if “He’s the ONE.”  Often kissing is done without much feeling or connection to another being, it is an act that is similar to washing our hands even during love making. This happens because we have calloused our hearts and are fearful of opening them. We kiss in times like this only because we feel that it is part of the lustful act we have embarked on, but it only adds to the emptiness we feel when the moment has past and our lover is asleep or has left the love nest. In the end many find themselves longing for that full surrendering kiss that is sensual, open in love and wraps us in it’s bliss.

A majority of relationships experience passionate, sensual kissing in the courting phase and even the first few years or a marriage, but once children have been born, stress from home and work, illness, time crunches and chaos come about the passion leaves and so does the feeling in our own beings and these relationships. We find ourselves wanting what we once had but not knowing how to acquire it without finding it in a “new” affair. Often it comes to just that, an affair. Stimulating, awakening and making us feel alive once more. We are given hope as we lead two lives, one of boredom and bitterness and one of alive thrilling moments with a lover. However we have most likely sacrificed the sacredness and the fullfillment we long for. Short curcuiting our lives with only a fragment of bliss.

The power of a Sacred kiss is that it lingers with you for a life time. It never leaves you! Once shared you are entwined with your partner in the deepest most spiritual fashion. It makes a trans-formative impact on your cellular being, awakening your core essence and connecting you to the breathe of the universe itself. Each breath shared with your lovers mouth is a cosmic moment of Divine energy. Our saliva becomes a Sacred nector, our breathes become one as our souls communicate and make love. Heart chakras press together and the energy of the two dance in the joined aura fields. You could say that it is breath taking, because often it is. But the breath has not been taken at moments like these, it has been gifted from one soul to another. It carries with it our spirits essence.

When we can experience kissing as Sacred we can heighten every moment spent with our partner and see each second as Sacred and cherished. We can release them from expectations of roles and duties, we can open ourselves in love and union, we can fully taste the sweet nectar of our soul and humble ourselves to receive all we desire through sharing our inner light and love unconditionally. We can feel that we are Divine and we are the Creator’s of our universe.

Here is a moment from the Matrix reloaded that captures what we are all longing for and that a Kiss, a REAL kiss is such a small thing that means the world.

Matrix Kiss