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I am guessing that you are someone who has a ton of desire in your heart, wants to feel joyful and deeply connected in a soul union like the best Hollywood story you can think of but also struggle with what you believe to be the reality of "that's just not possible."

I am betting that you hunger for that F-ck Yes! Lifestyle in all areas of your life and often wonder how people you admire and watch from afar seem to have all the luck in all the areas of life. You feel like there is so much more for you, but are not certain as to just how to achieve it. And you are damn frustrated at the life that you are currently living.

Perhaps you are married or partnered with someone but the years together, the trial and set backs, the raising of children and the frustration with your finances, work, health and even sex has caused its fair share of challenges and you find yourself barely being able to recall those days of living with rose tinted glasses and getting lost in the radiance of your mate.


Perhaps, these challenges have you thinking outside the box of the traditional relationship container and you find yourself entertaining just what could possibly bring back that spark that made both of you feel so alive. Or perhaps you have already explored this "forbidden land" and find yourself dealing with emotional trauma, fear, jealousy, and even anger and resentment but also a fascination and a longing to discover a depth and connection in your relationship still.


Or maybe this finds you single for whatever the reason. Divorced, widowed or never married and ever so hungry to find "The One." You see all the happy couples, making a life together, living out their dreams, your dreams and you wonder where your SOULMATE is at.


You've explored all styles of dating and used all the resources but are exhausted from the constant ghosting, surface level relating, hook-ups and empty connections. It seems like today's world is no place to find true love and commitment and you question if it's even possible.


For the last two decades I have been the secret weapon to so many individuals and couples like yourself.

Helping singles find their soulmate partnerships, couples retore the lost flames of desire, commitment and deep abiding love and helping many people in a immense fashion become soul aligned in love, money and life. Through the teachings of ancient spiritual principles, modern psychology techniques, and a full body wisdom  approach I have developed a straight to your soul coaching that shifts your blocks FAST and taps into your most potent, elevated frequency to align you to the F-ck Yes! Life that you know you are designed for at your core.


I have been working remotely with people worldwide mentoring and educating them on the power of their alignment and how it is the only sure-fire path to achieving EVERYTHING that they want for in love, sex, money and life well-being. I also, have a local practice where I work 1:1 with soul aligned clients in office to help them achieve their desired outcomes.  Making use of the somatic practices of structural integration work blended with quantum healing, reiki, acupressure and emotional release techniques I help people quickly move through stored trauma, emotional and phycological blockages as well as heal physical restrictions.


I also work privately with individuals and couples on intimacy related topics to help them restore their relationship containers, develop their desired lifestyles, find their soulmates, gain dating and sexuality advice and support as well as learning how all of life is woven together. This binary approach of coaching and integration (SBL) is a hybrid and has been widely recognized and approved of with fantastic results with thousands of clients and support from many well-known experts in the field.

 Discover your highest potential in love, intimacy and over all life happiness.
Your only requirement is to tap into your SOUL ALIGNMENT and say F-ck Yes! To You!!!

What People Are Raving About

"Without what you taught me, I would have walked right past the love of my life, believing that I would never find her. Yet, there she was and had been. Thank you so much for everything you have supported me through and on."

Tony Adamson  

Ft. Worth, TX

"My sex drive was shut down and I hated my body. I thought this was just it for me. Until I met Kendal René. She taught me the power of self-love and how to achieve it. She showed me I was worthy of my dreams and how to manifest with ease. I will never be able to say thank you enough to her." 

Tori Ann 

Dallas, TX

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