Welcome to KW Coaching!

All are welcome in the sharing and education at KW Coaching. Whatever your history, relationship status, belief’s or experience, you are welcome!

KW Coaching’s mission is simple: To teach people to be unapologetically authentic, sexual and full of desire for God.

KW Coaching’s Message is Desire, Belief & Integrity.


Having a strong desire for God as well as a strong desire for life. To truly LIVE the way God wants, full of rapture, love, belief and integrity in ALL that we do.

KW Coaching is a place for YOU to discover your TRUTH.  We have 1:1 Coaching through Inner Circle’s and VIP Coaching, On-line Group Coaching and Global Courses, Local and International Retreats and Workshop Intensives as well as 5-Day’s a Week FREE Online Education through FB LIVE.

You can connect to other like minded Conscious Creators such as yourself and feel the spirit of God through the coaching and education around your ENTIRE LIFE:  spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual and physical

Allow Kendal Rene’ Williams and her co-educators to help support you on your journey of self- discovery and fulfillment in all of your life.

KW Coaching is FREEDOM Based Coaching for Grown A*s Believers.

Christ Centered, Miracle Focused, Spiritual Based Coaching for anyone who DESIRES to stop existing and START Living the way GOD Intended.
KW Coaching leans on a beautiful blend of biblical teachings, ancient spiritual practices from around the world as well as having roots in A Course In Miracles.

KW Coaching shows you how to show up in your life in consciousness instead of living in a state of sleep or apathy. KW Coaching shows you how you can be a sexual being as well as a spiritual being. How you can weave it all together and experience life the way God intended – THRIVING.

Enjoy the resources and guide here for everything KW Coaching.



Stay Connected & THRIVE