Learn how to create the Freedom Based Lifestyle that you DESIRE Now!

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Learn how to create the Freedom Based Lifestyle that you DESIRE Now!

Make THIS YEAR a Feel Good Year!

Do you feel like you are just surviving and not really living?

Do you feel like you wake up every day to just make sure that the bills are paid?

Are you living for your weekends and holidays?

Do you wish you could have a life that you

TRULY Desired?


You Were Born to THRIVE!

Module #1 Contents

Learn about the power of feeling good. This one secret can change your whole world. In module 1 you will learn the the 5 principles to Feeling Good Now! Plus learn about the basis of your life being Freedom and how ONLY you can create the reality that you desire from it.

Module #2 Contents

Learn how you can get from where you are currently at to where you desire to be with simple practices and skills. Learn the secrets to Law of Attraction and how you can consciously make it work for you TODAY.

Module #3 Contents

Learn about the power of your emotions and what they are actually speaking to you about your manifestation.  Plus learn the three steps you  need to whatever you want in life.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive manifestation training course.

  • 2 Hours of Preliminary Video Training
  • 2 Hours of Recorded LIVE Interactive Group Video Training
  • 5 Practices to Feeling Good Now!
  • 3 Steps to Create Whatever You Want NOW!
  • Learning How to Operate your Personal Manifestation GPS
  • Understanding the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Kendal's Top 5 Proven Processes to Improve Your Point of Attraction
  • How Your Sexual Energy Boosts Your Manifestation Power - Video Training
  • Feel Good Now Meditation for Creation
  • Journal Your Desired Life - How to.
  • 1 Hour Recorded LIVE Q & A

“Working with Kendal has and is the one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have put a lot of money into workshops, coaches, classes, and books, all to further my development and to grow immensely personally. I value all that I have done… yet working with Kendal I felt connection… someone who has walked in my shoes, who has been in similar situations and still keeps moving and pursuing and opening up to more and more and more! She’s someone I can see and feel who not only talks the talk but is walking it, hell running it!! I look to Kendal for inspiration, for someone who is laser sharp in knowing what is needed and how to give it. I always left her office feeling more alive, vibrant, knowing, and sure of where I was going. Working with Kendal is priceless and well worth it. Thank you so much Kendal for what you have given to me and opened up within me.” 

Debi V.
Debi V.

“Over the past year I’ve really been working on myself – how to be true to me, authentically, without constantly wondering what other people will think of me or my choices. I’ve only been working with Kendal for a few months and the changes I’ve seen in myself and how I interact with others is immense. I’m naturally an introvert so I struggle daily with moving instead of allowing myself to be stuck in one spot. Kendal is not only capable, but also willing to walk beside me and hold me accountable for the goals I set for myself (and even push me a little further than I thought I needed to go). This is benefiting not only me but also my children, who learn from the changes I’m making in myself. If you are looking for a coach or mentor you owe it to yourself to have a talk with Kendal.” 

Amy L.
Amy L.

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Why are you settling for a small lifeless life? Are you sitting back night after night, watching Netflix and the news, playing games on Facebook and scrolling through your feed, wishing that you knew what to do and how to achieve something MORE. In the back of your mind is there a small voice whispering that it is possible, but the world around you is screaming that it is absurd to want anything other than what you already have?

So do you continue on with your lifeless life and allow the beauty of what could be, to be stripped away from your soul yet another year?

Living for the weekends.

Living for the holidays.

Living for that 2 weeks of vacation.

Living for the 5 o’clock hour where we can dart off to our local little watering hole and sit with others who are in the same constricting shoes of this life.

This is NOT Orgasmic Freedom Based Living!

This sure the effing is NOT!


We have grown so comfortable to reside here in hell.  We actually have brainwashed ourselves to BELIEVE that this is what living is. We have come to terms with the supposed facts of this delusional state of existing and many of us have no clue how to live outside of this illusion.

So we sign another year long lease and get comfortable in our suffering.

It does not have to be this way though. At any given moment in time we have the ability and choice to WAKE THE F*CK UP! and choose differently. God gave us free will so that we could overcome the evils of this land. The only thing asked of us is to BECOME CONSCIOUS. This is the only step needed to turn the corner to a new life and RECEIVE all the blessings that you crave.

YES! all you have to do to live in orgasm every day and in every moment is to become conscious and choose differently.

You must choose the higher ground which is the ground of not accepting a small life. Not accepting AVERAGE and ORDINARY. Not accepting what the evils of the world would have you believe is living.

You were born for GREATNESS.

You were born for a PURPOSE.

You were born to have DESIRE.

Your were born to ASK.

You were born to SEEK.

You were born to KNOCK.


" Kendal has taken the secrets to manifestation and simpliefed them into a powerful practice that anyone can do and achieve quick results for their desired life."

Jason B., Small Business Owner New York

“A great and amazing coach. Every time I have a coaching session I learn more and more about myself and about my patterns. She has been a great guide on the way to learning how to live my best life.”

Jeremy G. Dallas Texas, Attorney

"I never believed in myself let alone believed that I could achieve any of my dreams outside of passing a class. After working with Kendal on the power of my emotions and how feeling good is the true ticket to creation, I am so confident in developing the life I want."

Brittney T. Tulsa OK, Student

Stop Surviving! - Start Living! You Know You Want To.

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**Original Content Created in 2018