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frequently asked questions

  You're so content/resource Rich! Where should I start my journey?

A: I highly recommend that you start with FEEL GOOD NOW! No matter where you are right now in love, life, work or healing, this FREE Course will help you reclaim your power and manifest the life that you have always wanted for! Get all the deet's and instant access now  ( LINK TO COURSE)

  I Love Your Vibe! How can we work together?

A: Spectacular! There's a few powerful ways for us to work together depending on where you need the most support. Please head over to the WORK WITH ME page to fill out an application for private coaching or integration work or stop by the SHOP+ to explore my empowering self study courses. 

What is F-ck Yes! Life Coaching?

A: I believe in a whole being approach and simplicity. Life was not intended to be so difficult by God/Universe. When we are in alignment with our SOUL which means that we are acting from our heart based integrity, then life just flows and with it all things good in abundance. We consciously become the manifestors of our life experiences. F-ck Yes! Life coaching teaches you the foundations of this and provides you with everything you need to build your legacy in life by accessing your soul blueprint and releasing the trauma and negative programs that create the resistance to truly thriving.  

What is SBL Integration?

A: Soul Body Life (SBL) Integration is a body based approach to trauma release, unprocessed emotions that can even go back to childhood and has helped in overcoming many physical conditions that can have an emotional base. In SBL Integration you will experience a blend of over a half a dozen modalities - a hybrid structural integration program that also makes use of Quantum Touch, Acupressure, Vagus Nerve Work, Body Trains and Meridians and Sports Recovery. SBL Integration is perfect for anyone who has suffered and wants to overcome sexual, physical, emotional or mental trauma and abuse, stress/anxiety, physical accidents and surgeries. It also helps with a multitude of sexual dysfunctions for both men and women, can help to restore emotional intimacy and harmonized thought and emotional patterning through a de-armouring process and has its roots in kundalini or chi based practices to help individuals access their higher selves. 

What's the difference between traditional therapy/counseling and your whole body/mind/heart/soul approach?

A: It's an open container approach. Meaning unlike traditional practices I do not focus just on the symptoms and the past. I access the past to the degree that is needed to help create your healing blueprint, but we do not remain focused on it and re-anchor it in. My style of coaching and integration is about forward movement. I want you to climb out of the space that you are in and be able to see your life from heaven's eyes, where you will see your perfection and brilliance with ease allowing you to make swift and almost effortless transformations once there. I work to build a container of trust, safety and vulnerability where you will feel like you are with a kindred spirit, a dear friend who truly cares about your future and life happiness. My typical clients are in my support and mentoring for an average of two-years although many stay connected and in touch with me for a lifetime no matter where their journey takes them. 

 Do you believe in God? Are you a Christian based practitioner/coach?

A:  Yes I believe in God. Yes I believe that Jesus was a master teacher who came to reveal to us the true path and that we are powerful for we were created in God's image. I frequently use biblical teachings to support my work, however I also use teaching from other great masters from all of time as well. I count myself as focusing on being of Christ-consciousness. I heed his teachings closely but also look for alignment in other holistic, spiritual practices where great wisdom and knowledge for our human experience can be found. 

Who do you work with?

A: I work with singles and couples. Male and female. My clients range from mid twenties to mid seventies however the majority of people I work with are 40-60 years old. I work with all ethnic, religious backgrounds and statuses. The majority of my clients are either married and wanting to work on intimacy, communication, affairs and/or sexual items or singles who are wanting to attract their soulmate relationship. I also work alot with people wanting to overcome trauma based issues of all natures, stress and anxiety management as well as people who want to create a plan to move from monogamy to "the lifestyle", open relationship, poly or some other design container for modern relating as well as the challenges that come up from these relationship choices. One thing that all my clients share is a desire to create their best life and live abundantly, that's why you will always find teachings on the law of attraction (LOA), conscious manifesting and even money.

What are your areas of focus with coaching, mentoring and integration?

A: With over two decades of working with individuals and couples on numerous life topics and a vast array of education and certifications I find myself often working with people on so many areas of interest and focus. However, my passion is showing people how to live unapologetically free. Living what I call the F-ck Yes! Life where even though storm clouds may come, you have gained the resources and understanding to see the silver lining with greater ease and know that the most success comes from seeing the lessons of a failure. I find the greatest lessons to reside in our body wisdom, how we process and store emotion and in our desire to unite with another soul. The soulmate experience which when found can be the most life altering transformation, one of great beauty, complexity, healing and expansion, bringing us into our full life potential in all areas. My work is to help souls such as you to integrate your soul experiences and release those things that hold us back from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I typically focus on intimate relationships, dating, sex, trauma of all forms and our work/finanical lives as they play a significant role into our worthiness and purpose.

Where in the World is KW Coaching?

KW Coaching offer in-person and video sessions so you can access coaching services from anywhere! 

Office Location: Plano, TX 

Office Phone: (972) 861-0399

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