Life gets so damn crazy some days.
Actually some months and even years.
I am sure that you can relate to how fast paced life can seem.
2019 I believe has been one of those years so far,
for so many of us.
I have heard story after story from people that I work with,
and I know from my private life and watching my grown children as well, that 2019 has been just that CRAZY HECTIC.
One thing after another.
Not feeling like you have time to breathe even.
So many goals,
so many things you need to do,
even more that you want to do,
but you are exhausted.
I get it.
I have watched many of you go through massive life changes this year. I have witnessed you pushing hard,
trying to get it all accomplished,
working at being a hero in your life and for those that you love.
Day after day,
I hear your tales of struggle.
Of frustration.
Of overwhelm.
And anxiety.
And yet you still desire more for your life.
You still want to call in more.
You desire that:
relationship of your dreams,
you crave to live in abundance,
you want your body healthy and strong,
you want to complete those projects,
you want to look in the mirror and smile at how strong you are,
and KNOW that you did it.
You made it happen.
But you also desire to RELAX.
You crave to kick back and not have to wake every day to fear and worry of not making it through the storm.
You want to be CERTAIN in who you are and what is happening.
and you look out into the sea of stories that you watch stream by on your favorite social media platform,
and you wonder….
How are they doing it?
Why is this person always smiling?
How does that person manage so much?
And them, they are always traveling and buying new shiz.
And that fool over there, they work maybe 5 hours a week and live a life of abundance…
What’s up with that?
How is that possible?
Why are all these people living the life that I want?
They must have something that I don’t have.
They must have been born into a special family.
Have better education…
nope LUCK….
that’s it.
The reality is that YOU can have it too.
It is there for all of us beautiful.
You do not need to be special or lucky.
All you have to do is believe that you can have it.
Be willing to step away from what is familiar in your current life and jump into what you want,
which FYI will be difficult as F-ck!
Just saying.
The fact is beautiful,
most people never decide to say yes at this level to their dreams.
Most people remain in what is comfortable,
remain in average and ordinary,
because their dreams scare them so deeply,
they find it more logical to just REMAIN in the same.
All the while claiming that they know what to do,
that they really want what they want,
but make excuses ( aka – reasons) as to why they cannot have it.
Making themselves a victim to circumstances and life.
Not realizing that it is not the truth.
The TRUTH is that if you keep making excuses,
if you keep coming up with reasons,
if you keep looking at your objections,
to your dreams,
them honey,
You are not challenged by anything,
but YOU.
And all the chaos,
the crazy,
the wildness of 2019 does not matter.
It’s just a effing excuse!
It’s just playing into your belief that you are not enough or that you will be too much if you actually SAY F-ck YES! To YOU.
But I am here to tell you the truth beautiful.
And that is…
And As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”
I know that you may be scared.
I have been in those shoes before all too many time.
But that fear is not going to stop you.
You are powerful.
Introducing 12- weeks of “Unstoppable Power – It’s My Time To Fly!”
This is a once in a life time to work with me 1:1 from anywhere in the world.
If you are a man or a woman who is looking for a powerful game-changing opportunity to claim the life that you desire in FAITH and learn how you can access your dreams quickly by releasing old programs based in fear and shame around your worthiness, joy and abundance then this 12-weeks is for you.
Stop letting everything be an excuse!
You deserve better than those reasons you have to stay trapped in your comfort bubble of suffering.
Let’s level up your life over summer.
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    1 Response to "Your Crazy Life is Just Another Damn Excuse."

    • Richard D.

      I usually would agree on the articles that you post here in your “Naked Musings”, but this time I’d agree and disagree. Sometimes we do live in crazy moments, sometimes life brings crazy months, years to us to shake things up, to re-evaluate our concepts and decisions in life. It is kind of thing that apparently everybody would say that it’s obvious. What a lot of people try to stay blind for is they are actually crazy for not follow their true passion, sometimes they just see as someone following the passion if earns tons of money, become famous and work few hours a week.
      Naturally Society pushes to everyone to seek High Education, Corporate jobs with big fat bonuses, among other things, and usually we assume that whatever work follows some sort of structure we won’t find anyone who works there actually is doing by passion but rather just to do something as everyone told them to do. People tend to see those with PhD degree or tons of MBAs and certifications as just following what family and society push them to do.
      Here is the part that I disagree, and sorry if there was a misunderstanding from my part on what you wrote here. I know and up close on people who work sometimes 13-14 hours a day, sometimes on night shift or day shift as doctor or nurse, and when we talk to them about their work, we don’t see a person who is tired, bored, trying to pose, instead we see someone talking about the job with passion, with a spark in their eyes and energy in their voices that is wonderfully contagious and inspire to do more and cross barriers.
      I do know people who are teachers, and quite often they don’t have the most amazing earnings on Earth and still they can talk for hours amidst laughter and telling the most crazy and amazing tales of their work, giving clear picture of how much their heart is present in their work.
      There are people who put their lives at risk, facing an environment full of drug dealers, gang members, among other threats to help people leave behind such environment and find their path to the dreams they thought were out of their reach, and those helpers put their hearts, lives and souls without thinking twice.
      Obviously there are those people who left their corporate jobs, as they were living under a stress level beyond their limits and ended up with a wonderful business in those tourist places that are a paradise on Earth and they have no intention to come back to the big cities.
      I would dare to say that, if someone follow the true passion coming from the heart, it doesn’t matter how many hours they work, what are the challenges on their businesses, their jobs, it doesn’t matter if apparently they live under storm after storm. Such passion makes them go through with an ease that those who do not work with passion have no clue how they manage. Such passion make them feel the challenges and obstacles as blessings for growth and expansion, and they go to bed sleeping like a baby because it was another day living their dream coming true.
      In other hand, those who have their businesses, have their jobs but they left the heart, the passion at home, it doesn’t matter if it is a business or job that everyone envies, it doesn’t matter if they work just 2-3 hours a week. Leaving their heart at home, they are living dragging themselves to the next day as they deny to go after their true passion.
      Being unapologetically on my opinion, those who do not follow their passion, whatever it is, are the ones who live a crazy life, as they put themselves and even try to drag others as well in a sort of suicidal mode. The reason is simple, every day we deny to do what we are truly passionate of doing, we are slowly killing ourselves. In short, it is not the numbers, the job, the business, how easy or difficult it is that should be important, the passion coming from the heart truly aligned to the soul that really matters.

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