The truth of the matter of success in life, in turning our dreams into reality is that we must grow into the person we need to be that matches the frequency of said dreams.

Most people not only don’t understand this but also will invest more into reasons and excuses aka limitations then growing into becoming the person they must become to effortlessly create their dream life.

Don’t get me wrong, manifesting your dream life is not effortless. You earn easy.

But the effort is not in systems, and just brute action moves of force, urgency and control.

The effort you must put in is found and must be committed to with daily awareness and practice in GROWING YOU.

If you are not willing to be uncomfortable for a length of time greater than what you think, healing your subconscious programs, shifting your beliefs, doing things that feel foreign until they feel natural – then you are not going to achieve your dreams.

Sorry, not sorry to say this.
But it’s reality.

Any of us who have achieved our dreams and continue to achieve our greater visions have had to do just this.

Making excuses.
Leaning on your limitations.
Giving reasons as to why it has not worked out for you, or why it can’t now.
Focusing on what others are saying about you, or how you feel they are blocking you.

All of this and more is bullshit.
It’s a coward’s path.
A fools reasoning.
A victim’s fear-based view and attitude.

If you want what you say in any area of your life, you’ve got to not just be willing and wanting to lay all your fears and reasons down, but you have to actually lay them down.

You have to be willing to surrender to your highest self. Your highest version. Your soul.
That’s where aligned action comes from.

But aligned does not give you permission to not do what feels uncomfortable and foreign.

Most will think that aligned will always feel comfortable, good and safe. That’s not true.
Your future self who has created and is living your dreams is foreign to your current self.

Understand that.
And shift to your future self.
Operate from your future self.

That’s how you manifest your dreams.
Nothing less will ever do.

As always loving you from here,
Rene Schooler