The topic of the week with my clients brings me to this share today.
This is something that no matter our days on this planet we all must learn to heal and rejoice in our lives.

In the intricate dance of human connections, forgiveness emerges as a powerful yet often misunderstood partner. When wounds run deep, forgiveness can feel like a pass to those who have wronged us. How many times have we heard the defiant declaration, “I will never, ever forgive them!”

This struggle with forgiveness resonates profoundly with me. In the aftermath of abuse within an intimate relationship, forgiveness seemed an insurmountable mountain. The emotional and physical toll felt irreparable, and the idea of extending forgiveness felt like surrendering to the very forces that had caused such pain.

The scars etched by these experiences became a self-imposed cage of insecurities. Despite knowing the toxicity of the relationship, the act of forgiving someone who had inflicted immeasurable pain seemed implausible.

However, an awakening awaited, and in its embrace, I discovered a profound truth: 💥 the key to my emotional liberation rested within me.


In this awakening, the realization dawned that the anger and resentment I harbored were self-imposed constraints, a cage constructed by my own emotions. The person who had hurt me wouldn’t liberate me with an apology; the power to free myself was mine to wield.

The struggle to forgive was, in part, fueled by a longing for acknowledgment and remorse from the perpetrator. I yearned for them to recognize my worth and admit their wrongdoing. However, this awaited redemption was a mirage.


The epiphany emerged that the key to unlocking the cage wasn’t in the hands of those who had hurt me; it was in mine. This wasn’t about absolving wrongdoers; it was about reclaiming personal power.

Forgiving myself for allowing such harm became the pivotal moment of liberation. The act of forgiveness became a pathway to freedom, an emancipation from self-imposed guilt and resentment.


Choosing forgiveness meant releasing the shackles of the past. It wasn’t about condoning the actions of others; it was about ceasing to be a victim. By carrying the burden of anger and hurt, I was allowing the past to dictate my present and future.

The truth emerged: the ones who had caused pain weren’t burdened by the same guilt. Holding onto resentment only prolonged my suffering. Waiting for apologies that might never come and seeking validation from those who had wronged me were futile pursuits.


The past is a construct that no longer exists, and the future is where your life unfolds. Instead of clinging to pain, embrace the lessons learned from adversity. Let those experiences become the building blocks of strength and growth. The present is where your power resides—don’t relinquish it.

Forgiving others and, crucially, forgiving oneself is a declaration of personal freedom. It is a choice to reclaim agency over one’s emotions and destiny. The moment forgiveness is embraced, the power dynamics shift, and the past loses its grip.


💥SELF-REFLECTION MEDITATION: Set aside dedicated time for self-reflection. In a quiet space, close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let your mind wander to the events that require forgiveness. Allow emotions to surface without judgment. Acknowledge your feelings and understand the impact of holding onto resentment. Through this practice, you begin to unravel the emotional knots tied to the past.

💥LETTER WRITING RITUAL: Write a letter to the person you need to forgive or to yourself. Pour out your feelings, expressing the pain, anger, and disappointment. Be raw and honest. Once done, read the letter aloud. Then, in a symbolic act of release, either burn the letter (if safe to do so) or tear it into small pieces. This physical act can provide a profound sense of closure and catharsis.

💥THE COMPASSION EXERCISE: Visualize the person you need to forgive. In your mind’s eye, see them as a fellow human, flawed and vulnerable, just like yourself. Recognize that everyone carries their burdens and wounds. Extend compassion to them, acknowledging the complexity of human experiences. This practice fosters empathy and helps dissolve the rigid boundaries between victim and perpetrator.


As we navigate the terrain of forgiveness, it’s crucial to acknowledge our role in the events that unfolded. Taking responsibility for our own actions and understanding the dynamics that contributed to the circumstances can be transformative.

In the spirit of self-examination, ask yourself:

👉What role did I play in contributing to the events that unfolded?

👉How did my actions or choices impact the situation?

👉Am I willing to take responsibility for my part in this narrative?

Understanding our own contributions to the events allows for a more comprehensive forgiveness process. It recognizes that forgiveness is a two-way street, involving both the external actions of others and our internal responses.


The liberation achieved through forgiveness is complete when coupled with the acceptance of responsibility. This isn’t about shouldering unwarranted blame; it’s about recognizing our agency in the narrative. By acknowledging our role, we empower ourselves to break free from the cycle of victimhood.


Forgiveness isn’t a pass for wrongdoers; it is a liberation pass for oneself. Choosing to forgive is a conscious decision to break free from the chains of the past. It’s about reclaiming personal power, letting go of resentment, and embracing the freedom to live authentically.

Through self-reflection, letter writing, and compassion exercises, forgiveness becomes an intentional practice leading to emotional liberation. Accepting responsibility for our own actions deepens the forgiveness process, bringing about a holistic sense of closure.

Loving you from here always,
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