I’m not here to preach;
but I be preaching it today, because it’s what is needed.
It’s the basics of manifesting the life that you desire in all areas.

So, let’s delve into the sacred synergy of the Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, and biblical wisdom. Picture your destiny not as a roll of the dice but as a sequence of deliberate choices harmonizing with divine guidance.

Remember Psalms 37:5 – “Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it.” This biblical insight harmonizes beautifully with the Law of Attraction – a commitment to your desires, coupled with trust in the divine, magnetically draws success. In A Course in Miracles, commitment is emphasized as the transformation of thought, aligning perfectly with the idea that reality shapes around our dedication.

Harvey Cox’s profound words, “Not to decide is to decide,” echo through the realms of manifestation. Decisiveness and clear intentions, foundational principles of the Law of Attraction, resound in the statement. The Law of Attraction teaches that indecision, like weeds, hinders the garden of manifestation. In this garden, our thoughts and intentions are the seeds.

Over and over again if you asked any of my clients what the number one question, I ask them repeatedly is, you would hear, “What’s your WHY?”

When I ask this of someone, I am on a mission to help them gain clarity into their soul purpose, their heart and the path of divine guidance. Once they can connect with this truth, they can take action from an aligned space and know that the Universe/God is setting the stage for them with each step forward.

God wants you prosperous.
God wants you happy.
God wants you passionate.
God wants you healthy and strong.
God wants you to know you are worthy.
But, it takes commitment and surrender to hear the guidance.
We have to be willing to alter our old thought and feeling patterns from what is so familiar and thus comfortable to what is foreign but who we must become in order to match the frequency of said dreams and goals.

In alignment with A Course in Miracles, choosing commitment over indecision becomes a conscious act of surrender. H.A. Hopt’s reflection, “Indecision is debilitating; it feeds upon itself,” echoes the Course’s teaching that habitual thought patterns shape our perception. Breaking free from indecision aligns us with the transformative power of the Course.

John Alan Price’s analogy, “In ham and eggs, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed,” resonates with both the Law of Attraction and A Course in Miracles. Wholehearted commitment, akin to the pig’s involvement in the creation of ham and eggs, embodies the idea that manifesting desires requires more than mere involvement; it necessitates complete dedication.

Let’s just look at this one a bit deeper, shall we 🙂
In today’s world I hear a ton of questioning and desire around folks wanting a committed, loving, healthy relationship, yet they believe they can achieve this without actual commitment & DEDICATION. We live in a society that supports and encourages microwave relationships, fast food intimacy and surface level relating on all platforms that hate on both sexes to boot.

The simple truth is that until two people can learn to firstly commit to their soul, and then to each other and proclaim the relationship fully, that there will be hesitancy, a chance to draw back, and it will always be superficial at some level and ultimately ineffective.

Mike Murdock’s insight, “Never complain about what you permit,” aligns with the Law of Attraction’s emphasis on personal responsibility. A Course in Miracles underscores that our perceptions create our reality. Complaints only perpetuate negative vibrations, hindering the manifestation process.

We argue for our limitations by supporting them and being quick to point out “why” we can’t have, be, do. This is a permitting of what we don’t want.

I was recently speaking to a client of mine who was sharing with me about the ridiculously boring and bland sex that she was experiencing with her husband. She was frustrated and fearful to bring it up to him because she did not want to hurt his feelings. I asked how long she had felt this way about their sex and she said, “Forever. Since before we got married. I just thought it would change.” – I told her that the issue was not him but her.

She had trained him that this is what she was down with and good with and he did not know any better. She was complaining about what she had been permitting.

So, she made a commitment to have a heartfelt open conversation with her husband and tell him the truth.

In this amalgamation of teachings, the key theme emerges: commitment.

Be it Psalms, the Law of Attraction, or A Course in Miracles, all point toward the transformative power of sincere commitment. Surrendering to the divine, with a burning desire, unwavering commitment, and determined pursuit, creates a magnetic force propelling you toward your goals.

Weaving these spiritual threads together, we uncover a universal truth – the synergy of biblical wisdom, the Law of Attraction, and A Course in Miracles. Like I said on the front side, I’m not here to preach but I am preaching what one must embrace as the basics of manifestation: surrender to the divine, cultivate desires with commitment, and determine to manifest a destiny aligned with the highest vibrations of your soul.

Your destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.
Many people have the right aims in life – they just never get around to pulling the trigger for all the reasons and excuses, all the fighting for their limitations.

Will this continue to be you?
Or will you choose differently this year?

As always loving you from here,
Rene Schooler

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