At the ripe age of 47, I find solace in admitting that impatience and dissatisfaction often characterize my persona. These traits, woven into the fabric of my existence, have left their mark on those close to me and, undeniably, on my own journey. Despite earnest attempts to excavate the roots of these qualities, genuine improvement remains a work in progress. Oddly enough, openly discussing the darker facets of my personality hasn’t miraculously eradicated their irksome effects. However, it has bestowed a certain comfort upon my soul.

The liberation arises from the cessation of pretense – no more feigning focus, efficiency, or contentment. Candidly sharing the truth about the less flattering aspects of my character alleviates the burdensome and painful endeavor of pursuing perfection.

In essence, expressing our truth extends beyond the pursuit of Absolute Truth; it’s an intrinsically human need to acknowledge and share our experiences with others, both in pain and in pleasure. It involves learning how to articulate the entirety of our journey – past, present, and future – fostering a continuous flow rather than stagnation.

Embarking on the path of truthfulness is a daring yet profoundly empowering journey. It requires navigating the conflicting realms of our identity, which craves validation and constant reinforcement, and the conscious choice to experience life authentically. This authenticity demands simplicity, a quality seldom emphasized. It calls for a choice-less truthfulness, an intention-free acknowledgment and acceptance of what is.

The enchantment of speaking honestly lies in the integrity and dignity it bestows upon our words. There’s no hiding behind false intentions or manipulations; instead, we present things as they are. While our needs may not magically be fulfilled, and our personality may not undergo a transformative change, a profound shift occurs – the acknowledgment of our experience. This acknowledgment, often denied in crucial moments of our lives, holds the potential to heal old wounds inflicted by the pain of pretense.

Speaking one’s truth can be perplexing. The challenge lies not merely in articulating our experiences but also in resisting the temptation to cater to external perceptions. The fixation on being well-received or saying the ‘right things’ hampers the authentic expression of our truth. The healing process involves taking the time to find our own words, allowing the speaker and the listener to be present without judgment or unsolicited advice.

Interestingly, the attention received from the listener can backfire, trapping us in the expectation of external acceptance. The journey towards authenticity necessitates confronting the fear of rejection, transcending doctrines that create sophisticated protections but hinder the entry of love.

Speaking truth is akin to a love affair that unfolds gradually. It requires time, patience, and a deep understanding of the pain associated with self-betrayal. Instead of focusing on the pain inflicted on others, the emphasis shifts to the pain we cause ourselves when we betray our authenticity. This internal strife serves as a catalyst for change, prompting us to take charge of our destiny.

Human nature encompasses both light and shadow, happiness and sorrow, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Striving for balance involves acknowledging this inherent duality, rather than attempting to create an artificial equilibrium. The challenge lies in embracing our inner division without succumbing to the impulse to suppress one facet of our being.

To navigate this inner division, we must intimately acquaint ourselves with the pain of lying, manipulating, and cheating. Focusing on the pain of self-betrayal, rather than external consequences, catalyzes self-awareness. The realization that ‘I’ am the one in control of my destiny becomes evident. Approach this process with a light-hearted and playful spirit, enabling self-forgiveness, understanding, and the discovery of a new path toward authenticity.

In essence, we are perpetual works in progress, embarking on a soulful journey of integration and completion. While the road may stretch across lifetimes, the pursuit of alignment is a profound endeavor.

Practical Strategies for Comfort with Truthful Expression

🍀Inquiry: Engage in genuine dialogue by letting questions sink in and allowing words to arise, avoiding repetitive narratives.

🍀Use of ‘AND’ instead of ‘BUT’: Replace limiting language with expansive expressions, providing room for experiences to coexist.

🍀Slowing Down When Speaking: Deliberate speech fosters a deeper connection between words and experience, allowing for genuine expression.

🍀Mirror Reflection and Self-Listening: Confront your persona by looking into the mirror and listening to your own voice, fostering a unique connection between personality and being.

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As always loving you from here,
Rene Schooler