Sacred intimacy and love thickly filled the room from the moment I walked out of the moist bathroom into the candle light. There I stood freshly cleansed from all of the negativity of the day, wrapped in a white sheet, looking like a Roman Goddess. Duncan bowing his head in reverence to me, hands held in the honoring Namaste’ position. A soft exchange of words between us as he took my hands and guided me deeper into the Sacred space. As I looked about the room, I saw the flickering light of numerous candles, roses lined upon the massage table that was draped in white linen and a glass container of ceremony oil. My guide helped me seat myself upon the table then gently placed his hand on my heart chakra while holding mine on his. Synchronizing our breath’s we gazed for a moment into each other’s eyes.

Duncan took the oil and placed the bottle in my hands for us to bless. Pouring some oil into and on my hands to anoint it. As he placed a rose bud in my hands next, I was overtaken by the lovely perfume of its petals. He then proceeded to share with me a story of intimacy and depth of soul. Revealing how Divine and beautiful this small bud was and how I too was the same. Pouring more of the blessed oil over the rose he explained that through this Sacred ritual the rose would never be the same, it would still be beautiful, and it would still smell as sweet but now, now it had been blessed with Divinity as well. As I felt each petal with my fingers, running my fingertips as deep down into the caverns of the flower as I could, I felt its change. Along with it I felt a rumble of energy within my own being, hungry to be awakened and released from its cage. Duncan asked me if I could feel the energy in the room. Of course I could, it was a thick as pudding. Heavy, rich and fulfilling. He explained that this love that I was feeling in the room was all coming from me. I was the creator; I was the one manifesting the world in that moment, in that space. Once I breathed this in for some time he had me lay down on the massage table. Loosely covered with the white sheet he gently began the massage. Systematically working his way over my flesh. Arousing the energy in each chakra and guiding it upward. Each glide of his oiled hands heightened the sensations that were dancing through my body. At first I had felt hesitation, tension and closed, but it did not take long for all of this to wash away and a calm peace to take its place.

My mind drifted into a light filled hallow where all I could hear was the music playing. The thickness of the energy in the room became one with me, I was fully in my body and yet outside of myself. I was the room. I was the candle light, I was the music. Time seemed to stop. I found myself traveling into a magnificent land of my true self. As Duncan proceeded with the intimate massage and journeyed into the cavernous flower of my inner being I could feel the heat compounding at the base of my spine. The pressure was intense and grew with each swirling massage of his fingers. Following the energy he moved one hand under my back side. Focusing on the 2nd and 3rd chakra area that was on fire, he began pulling the energy up my spine. I felt so heavy in body, unable to move from the deep relaxation and yet erotically awake internally from the kundalini energy tangoing between those two chakras. I lay there completely open and vulnerable in his arms, feeling his breath caress my oily naked flesh and fully enwrapped in loving peace. This peace was not coming from my teacher, it was not coming from some sexual orgasm, and this peace was the universe swelling inside of my very being. Making its self known. Saying, “You can have me this way all the time.” Slowly I came back into the physical state of this world, still feeling the ripples of the universe’s touch move about my being. I opened my eyes and there upon my breasts and torso my teacher had created the mystical design of the ten Sephirot. The kabbalistic “Tree of Life” out of roses. Studying Kabbalah this had a significant impact on my being and on my energy. It was perhaps even a confirmation of path.