You wrote me this morning asking if you could become addicted to this surge of kundalini energy that has awakened inside of you through integration sessions, and even though you are feeling so good, the energy is concerning to you, for you do not want to become addicted.

Let me share with you this:

In the intricate tapestry of human experience, the interplay between chakra energy and the quantum field constitutes a profound exploration into the realms of consciousness and manifestation.

I invite you to contemplate the intricate dance of energies that transpire within us, transcending the boundaries of the physical and reaching into the metaphysical.

The awakening of kundalini stands as a pivotal moment — an eruption of potent, primal energy that surges through the chakra system, akin to the electrifying dance of particles in the quantum field.

This awakening, initially characterized by a symphony of intense sensations and emotions, may evoke both awe and trepidation. The surge of energy can be overwhelming, even feel addictive, as it opens doors to dimensions of experience that transcend the ordinary.

Yet, it is in the alchemical crucible of breathwork, nuanced energy understanding, and intentional recycling that the adept seeker, such as yourself, embarks on a transformative journey.

Here lies the key to harnessing and channeling the awakened kundalini for the manifestation of one’s deepest desires — be it in the realms of love, sex, wealth, healing or personal fulfillment.

Practiced breathwork becomes the conductor’s baton, orchestrating the symphony of energy flow within the chakras. Through conscious and deliberate breath, you gain mastery over the rhythmic cadence of your life force. This mastery, in turn, facilitates a refined understanding of energy dynamics — an understanding that transcends the limitations of the physical body and taps into the boundless potential of the quantum field.


As you progress along this transformative path, the addictive allure of kundalini’s initial surge transforms into a harmonious dance — a coalescence of passion and purpose.

Two things that are lacking in many people’s experiences these days.

The awakened energy becomes a tool for manifestation, sculpting the fabric of reality with the potent clay of intention. In this process, you not only manifest your dreams in love, sex, and wealth, but also embarks on a profound journey of healing.

Kundalini, as a force of transcendence, becomes a potent salve for the wounds of the past. Through its transformative power, childhood traumas and generational wounds are brought to the surface, illuminated by the light of conscious awareness. Armed with refined energy understanding and intentional recycling practices, you now engage in the alchemical process of transmutation — turning the lead of past pain into the gold of profound healing.

This becomes a sacred exploration of self and existence.

Through this transformative process, you not only manifest your dream life but becomes a co-creator in the cosmic dance, where the energies of the chakras and the quantum field converge in a symphony of profound realization and boundless potential.

So, what can you do to start this recycling process and not feel addicted?

Conscious Breathwork:

Engage in intentional and mindful breathing exercises to regulate the flow of energy. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing helps anchor and stabilize the heightened energy associated with a kundalini awakening. Focus on slow, rhythmic breaths to calm the nervous system and bring a sense of grounding.

Rooting Practices:

Establish a connection with the Earth through grounding practices. This can involve walking barefoot on natural surfaces, spending time in nature, or visualizing roots extending from your body into the earth. Grounding techniques help dissipate excess energy and create a stable foundation for the awakened kundalini energy.

Energy Awareness and Visualization:

Develop awareness of the energy flow within your body, particularly along the spine where kundalini energy is often felt. Through meditation and visualization, guide the energy to move harmoniously through each chakra. Picture the energy rising from the base and flowing smoothly through the crown. This conscious direction and visualization can help prevent overwhelming sensations and promote a sense of balance.

These three practices help to ground and soothe your physical body as the you learn more about your co-creation with the quantum realm.

Congratulations on graduating to a new playing field of life!!!

“Reality is not an imposition; it’s a collaboration. Engage with the quantum realm consciously, and you’ll find that the universe responds to the whispers of your intentions.”

As always loving you from here.
Rene Schooler

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