You will remain a BROKE A*S B*TCH until you actually accept the fact that you can have it.
It’s called commitment.
It’s called courage to say yes to self.
It’s called take no more of your own bullsh*t.
It’s called responsibility.
But the reality is that most people will never do these things and instead will just continue to sit around and feel like sh*t about themselves.
Will continue to blame outside influences for them not having or succeeding.
Will remain stuck in the land of comfort.
Because that is what it adds up too beautiful.
You are too effing comfortable to say yes to your dreams.
That suffering that you keep complaining about you have a deeply intimate realtionship with it as well.
If you get real with yourself,
which will be very hard to do,
because getting real with self is one of the toughest truth tells one can do.
Its a scary place in there.
You know your mind,
your heart,
your soul.
But if you muster up the courage to actually look yourself in the eyes and listen to the voice deep within,
you will discover that you have given up in some fashion.
You are simply not willing to stand out there on the ledge and take the first step in faith.
You may proclaim to believe,
you may make big statements of your commitment,
your faith, and your desire.
But it is all a BIG EFFING lie you tell self.
And somewhere inside of yourself you know that this is true.
You know that if you really had the faith,
or at least the courage to JUST COMMIT.
And take that step,
that your life would unfold before you like magic.
And here you sit,
reading these words,
and feeling a stir in your gut.
Perhaps tears are swelling at the truth I write you this morning,
perhaps you have a desire to name call,
to flip off the screen,
to make your case even about me not understanding,
how could I?
I am not in your shoes.
And you are right.
I am not in your shoes beautiful.
I have no understanding of your unique human experience.
No one does.
But what I can share with you is fact….
And for any of us who question this,
its like the air that we breathe.
We cannot see it,
it is possible that it does not exists even if we only rely on our eye’s,
But whether you believe in the air or not,
it still is.
is the same.
The truth of SOUL is the same for all of us.
And it has everything to do with FAITH.
It has everything to do with LISTENING TO THE CALL.
You have been trained through your life to ignore SOUL.
You have been taught to not take heed to your emotions and feeling.
You have been brainwashed into believing that the only thing that matters is your reality.
You have been lied too.
Your reality is a manifestation of your past thoughts and feelings.
It is NOT evidence of what your future is or can be.
Are in control of that beautiful.
But you have to believe that you are worthy.
You have to want your dreams more than your comfort.
You have to take the first step in FAITH.
And you have to realize that reality is not what you think it is.
Are you ready to STOP being a broke a*s bitch?
Are you ready to stop the insanity of not having?
Are you ready to claim that life that you hear calling you from deep within?
You realize that the reason you want for what you want is because it wants you too, right?
Take the first step in FAITH beautiful.
And Stop Existing & Start Living
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I know that you may be scared.
I have been in those shoes before all too many time.
But that fear is not going to stop you.
You are powerful.
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    1 Response to "Are You Enjoying Remaining A Broke A*s Bitch?"

    • Richard D.

      While reading this article, four words came up into my mind: Reality, Truth, Perception and Assumption. Our decisions, our goals and how we pursue or not our dreams are, in my opinion, coming from the Assumption based on the Perception from the Reality and what is Truth of the present moment. If our assumptions are based on wrong perception of the reality, we will never get there or even go down spiral. In other hand, if they are based on clear perception of reality, fed by our faith and open heart to God, then we take assumption that God has our back and we are much closer of the truth of our present moment, what is the reality surrounding us.
      I’d like to add two situations not mentioned on this article: one of them is people who lived in miserable environment, total poverty, or societal constrains that nobody thought it was possible to overcome, managed to thrive, to make a difference and rock the world in awe for what they were able to accomplish and cause amazing ripple effects throughout the globe; the other one people or even families that were VERY wealthy lost touch with reality, got in to a down spiral and lost everything.
      The former case is the one where those people didn’t buy the lies that there is nothing they could do about it, they didn’t buy that there was nothing they could change and should remain as it is. Instead, they saw the truth that there is plenty of room to grow and overcome huge obstacles to thrive. They heard their soul and opened their hearts to what God wanted from them, what is their Call.
      The latter case is the one where those people shut themselves down in their Ego, becoming blind to the fact they were going to the wrong direction, and they had EVERYTHING to see that: education, money, time, advise, among other things. Still they insisted to shut themselves down to the call of their souls, disconnecting them from God, and crashed down.
      How much are we willing to seek the truth, to be open to what factors we are considering in our perceptions, it depends on how much we favor our Ego or our Soul.
      The matter of how much we want to understand the ripple effects the article here is talking about, it is up to us. It is up to us to awake or to keep sleeping. Thank you for the article, Kendal 🙂

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