You are effing scared!

Aren’t you?

You must be.
Just look around at your life. Is it all that you want it to be or is it lacking somewhere?
Is your bank account as padded as you want it?
Is your sex as deep as you want it?
Is your orgasm as full and often as you want?
Is your health as vibrant as you want?
Are your relationships as connective as you want?
Is your work your passion?
Well is it?
If you are saying no to these things then it is VERY CLEAR that you are effing scared.
Scared of what you ask?
Your Mother f-cking power, that’s what.
If you were not scared of your power than you would be enjoying a f-cking blissed out life.
You sure as F-CK would not be waking up dreading your day, looking forward to Friday and the weekend because it is all that brings you peace and joy in a few split seconds of living.
You would not be looking at your relationships, your sex and you money with dread and emptiness.
No, if you were not so effing scared of your power you would be be CLAIMING YOUR LIFE.
You would be hopping out of bed with enthusiasm for the day.
You would be caring for your body through worship and appreciation instead of masking and abuse.
You would be radiant and excited.
You would feel passion in your stomach.
You would feel a call like no other in your soul.
That is what you would be.
Can you imagine this feeling?
I hear a lot from people how they “wish” they could have it all but they know it is not a reality.
I hear a lot from folks how much they crave to live a life instead of just existing or surviving the day/month/year.
I hear from people all the time how they have no freakin’ clue how they can have it, but they would GIVE ANYTHING if there was a way.
Then I share with them a way.
And they say F-CK NO.
I cannot do it.
That takes too much time.
Too much energy.
It is to scary.
I don’t have the money.
What will people think?
So if you want it,
If you claim you will do anything for it,
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired,
Then why the f-ck will you more than likely say NO TO YOURSELF?
Your a Mother F-cking Scaredy Cat.
You are scared of your POWER.
So you run from it.
You mask yourself from it.
You hide in fear.
Fear of all that you could become.
Of all that you ARE.
I get it.
Truly I do.
I do it too.
Actually all too much if I am truthful. Every day there comes a point where I look in the mirror and wonder how I am going to do it, what makes me believe that I can, or why I am worthy of it even.
Every day I look at myself and I criticize myself. I see all my faults,
All my failures,
All my shit and I say to myself,
“Kendal you are such an impostor. Your nothing more than this worlds BIGGEST LOOSER. Who the f-ck would ever follow you and what the hell makes you think that you are impacting this world in any positive way. You SUCK girl.”
I tear myself down.
And then I see the sparkle in my eye.
I see the hunger for a life worth living.
I feel the love in my heart.
I feel the passionate pull of my calling.
And I know.
I know that there is power in my being.
I know that there is purpose coursing through my veins.
I know that the reason I am having these feelings,
these desires,
Is because they are calling to me.
These desires want me too.
So I lean in a little further.
I smile at myself and and look in my blue eye’s,
With self-compassion I breathe a little deeper than before and I embrace my soul.
I follow.
I follow that call.
I follow that craving.
I follow that desire.
I follow that turn on.
I follow me.
The true me.
The powerful, radiant me.
I tap into that goddess in the mirror and I let her shine.
She may fear her power but she will not be trampled by that fear.
No she turns that fear into wings.
And she takes to the skies,
Rising above it all and embracing herself.
Loving herself.
here is where the power is.
I see,
I hear,
I witness,
I lean in.
You are effing scared.
You know you are.
But it is not of failure.
It is of success.
Your Success.
Feel those butterflies when I ask you to feel what it would be like if you knew you were limitless?
What are the questions and comments that come up for you when I say you are limitless?
See that fear that wants to hold you back,
cause procrastination,
tell you how you need a better plan,
how it cannot be because of this or that.
See that fear masking itself as a logical mind.
Yes that is you being so effing scared of your power.
When will you be worth saying YES to?
When will you stop settling for so much less in your life?
You may be effing scared,
but you still have a CHOICE.
Choose You.
Choose life.
Choose power.

And as always,

Stop Existing & Start Living

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