The earth has acknowledged many saints and prophets and as the central figure of Christianity. Jesus Christ is 1 of the most popular personalities. Who doesn’t know the story of his birth, persecution, death and subsequent resurrection? Nevertheless, there is a connection to historical Tantra to his story, as effectively. Do you wonder at this? Read on…

From the age of 13 to 29 decades, Jesus’ lifestyle is largely unaccounted for by Christian historical past. There are, in simple fact, elements of a resurrection or ‘rebirth’ even to this aspect of his lifestyle. Let a Tantra instructor to clarify the concept of this obscure truth to you.

The scriptures of Tantra record Jesus as a single of the 84000 avatars of the Almighty. An avatar, in Sanskrit, signifies a divine being sent down to pursue a certain spiritual mission.

Jesus Christ, in simple fact, belonged to this hierarchy of saints and prophets, sent down by the Almighty to chalk out a certain path of spirituality for the men and women of the pre-Biblical period of time ruled by King Herod. He had to chalk this route out from the vast eternal knowledge, also known as the ‘Sanatana Dharma’ in the Tantric Scriptures.

The 3 sensible kings of Bethlehem, or the Magi, realized of his coming, and followed the vibrant star to the stable in which the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus. The scriptures of Tantra, nonetheless, have a distinct take on their journey they inform us that it was the total moon that led the three clever kings to their vacation spot.

According to Tantra, a divine getting or a messenger of God always chooses to ‘descend’ on earth at the time of a complete moon – an auspicious time for all divine beginnings. As a result the full moon is usually a signal to these who know how to examine the indicators, like the Magi.

Jesus Christ’s spiritual awakening commenced throughout his childhood, when his function on earth dawned on him. He had visions of a land awaiting him … a land that held the guarantee of huge eternal information or ‘sanatana dharma’ for him. These led him on a extended and arduous journey that ended in the land of ‘sanatana dharma’ or India – the birthplace and stronghold of historic Tantra.

For sixteen years, he lived and studied in India under the tutelage of various teachers who have been prepared and waiting for him, just as his visions had foretold. It was from them that he learnt all the streams of philosophy and wisdom that would be necessary for the good results of his earthly mission.

Of every thing that he learnt, there had been a couple of factors that are specially noteworthy. He learnt a sacred Tantra kriya that enabled him to challenge his life-force or ‘prana’ onto an inanimate object, an ancient tantra skill that he utilized at his crucifixion to remove all consciousness of bodily discomfort even as his soul lived on. This Tantra kriya is named ‘Kaya Pravesham’ or Projection of Lifestyle-Energy onto an Object.

Soon after crucifixion, when his entire body was left in a cave and discovered to have disappeared on the third day, even his persecutors had to confess that he was no normal being. His resurrection, in truth, is more evidence that he had mastered this tantra kriya fully.

The Vedas talk about him as Ishu which became, by well-liked spelling, Jishu and subsequently Jesus to the earth. ‘Ish’ indicates the Almighty add ‘u’ to that and the word quickly signifies a single who is a part of Him.

It is a identified simple fact among Tantra masters that Jesus Christ invested a significant portion of his lifestyle in India -at a divine spot called Jagannatha Dhama, that means The Property of God. It is God Almighty’s abode on Earth, according to the Vedic scriptures. Jesus, also, believed it to be the earthly abode of his Father in Heaven. This was the quite place that taught him the intricacies of Hinduism and all the allied branches of religious and spiritual wisdom.

Interestingly, during this period, he also visited one more divine spot named Banaras (Varanasi) for sophisticated studying of some elements of philosophy and spiritual logic. For the duration of that time period not a soul – not his father nor his mom – realized in which he was… a prerequisite for all saints-in-the-generating so that spiritual missions are not disrupted.

Tantra scriptures give an account of Christ’s journey to India and his scientific studies there. Jesus Christ arrived to India and was instructed to preach Christianity derived from the Eternal Reality or ‘Sanatana Dharma’ from which all religions evolve.

Christianity is what the people of that time period of time necessary, for they belonged to a specified class of spiritual consciousness. They needed something to give them respite from King Herod’s dictatorial reign. Christian spirituality restored their faith in the Divine and aided them fight the repressive and destructive forces of King Herod.

Nevertheless, all that we know of Christ has arrive to us from the Church. This distinct phase of his lifestyle (from the age of thirteen to 29 many years) might be unaccounted for by Christian establishments, but the scriptures of Tantra offer us with richly thorough accounts of it. The earthly lives of the Messengers of God hold many a wondrous top secret and a treasure trove of wisdom, but to realize them a single ought to go to the correct people.

One ought to refrain from relying on a few authors who may possibly in no way have had access to the authentic Tantra scriptures most have isolated their private research from the base supply. One particular should go to the couple of who have made very good use of their entry to the authentic scriptures.

In recounting this, my only intention as a Tantra instructor has been to obvious the state of confusion that surrounds a portion of Christ’s existence in the present era, and to maintain it for people to come…

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Instructor with an in-depth expertise of standard Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra on the internet guide for Tantra Lessons, kriyas and mudras from this young Tantra Master.

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