Discover someone who’s truly authentic,

A soul eager to unravel your essence, be it enigmatic.

Seek someone whose intentions are crystal clear,

From the outset, their sincerity, oh so near.

More than a lover, they’re a friend and guide,

A mentor, a partner, walking by your side.

They’ll respect you and your offspring, that’s true,

In their actions and words, it’ll shine through.

Effort defines them, in all that they do,

Even taking a day off, just to care for you.

They’ll inspire your growth, each and every day,

In love, it’s about propelling each other’s way.

Patience they’ll have, guided by moral light,

Understanding your soul, day and night.

Together you’ll evolve, share new stories untold,

With someone who cherishes you, their heart unfolds.

They’ll admit when they’re wrong, no ego to win,

In their eyes, you’ll feel like the world within.

So, heed my counsel and patiently wait,

For the one who’ll touch your heart’s intricate gate.

As Always loving you from here with a tad bit of poetry today.

Rene Schooler

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