Today we set off on a weeklong adventure to Colorado with my youngest two children.

I am so very excited for this week and entering into the new year for a second time in this beautiful state. The journey to making the trip all that I wanted it to be however was one of faith and testing and that is what I want to share with you today as these “minor” miracles are what allows bigger, grander manifestations to occur with ease.

The main points I hope that you take away from today’s musing is that God and guides are always listening and there for you, plus it’s all in the ask and release, even when it appears that it won’t or can’t happen, let there be a peace inside yourself and be grateful as you watch your “minor” and major miracles manifest in record time.

Yes, instant manifestation is a thing, although instant often means that you may have to wait a few hours or weeks still.

Okay so let’s get into some of this!

First off let me share that one of the BIG adventures that I wanted to enjoy on this trip with my boys was the ice castles in Cripple Creek, Colorado. When I started looking at ticket and planning our path that we would be driving almost 6-weeks ago, at first, I saw that tickets had not been released yet for the ice castles, then when I went back, they were sold out and man was I ever disappointed. I looked at other fun adventures and found some new things I want to explore on a different trip here but could not find anything that resonated like the ice castles. Nonetheless, I went ahead with my desire to ring in the New Year in Colorado, just letting go and having faith that all the other adventures planned would be fulfilling and that that was what the grander plan that God had for us. I sat in gratitude for a few weeks with what I was lining up for us. Then last week, yes just last week, I was out going ice skating with the boys when all of a sudden, my phone dings and shares an article with me that says, “Limited number of tickets to ice castles in Cripple Creek JUST RELEASED!!!!!” — I squealed in the parking lot and jumped to grabbing tickets, I knew that my desire plus release and staying in gratitude is what got the universe to conspire and bring me exactly what my heart wanted for.

Desire blended with release and gratitude. Key ingredients to miracle manifestation.

Moving forward a week, Craig and I have been looking at Hummers and Toyota FJ Cruisers for months now. We have committed to get one of them but kept a foot in each door you could say not committing to either fully. Then day before yesterday we ended up test driving one of each back-to-back and feeling more confused than before, but grateful. On our way back home, Craig asks me, “Which do you prefer babe? I think I like the FJ better.”

I felt what he was saying, because you see the FJ has been my top pick forever, literally forever wanted one and Hummer comes in second. But as I sat with his question, I saw an image of my son looking out the back window of the car as we drove through the Redwoods this last summer. The smile and joy on his face as he watched the trees move by on Hwy 1. The joy my heart felt to witness him in this. As I saw this image in my mind, my heart made a decision on what vehicle we had to commit too, and the FJ was not it. The reality was that this feeling could not happen with the FJ. And so, I spoke up on this to Craig and shared my feelings.

Fast forward a couple hours and we are looking at cars again online, along comes this Hummer in a color that I had looked at and really liked but had not shared, trying to keep our options more open. Craig messages the seller and we book an appointment for the next morning to see it and test drive. Ten in the morning comes and we are driving this Hummer around knowing that we found our car. Thirty minutes later, paid in full and out the door.

Ease and flow baby, ease and flow. No hiccups.

Now here we come to this morning, I am running around the house doing all the last-minute things to get us out of there. I am down to needing to locate the scarfs and gloves (typically I would know where they are except, we just moved a month ago and still have stuff everywhere…) I speak out loud and say, “Sure would be nice to know where the winter stuff bag is…. Can someone please guide me to them…” Just then, I get a tug to go to the very messy garage, I go out and say, “Okay but you’re going to have to guide me to the right box.” Just then, I get a nudge to look to my left and up on a shelf right by the door. I do so and sure AF there was the bag with all the winter stuff.

Quick responses, quick turn around when you slow down and quiet your mind and open yourself to receiving.

So, there you have it, and in truth this is pretty much all any of us need to do and remember to make any miracle manifest. These truths here. It’s how I have created so much amazing results in a short period of time in my life and business.

I believe that often, our inability to let seemingly small things like all of these I share here with you, be what they are, miracle manifestations, is what also keeps us from manifesting the bigger things. When we appreciate and take notice that the universe/God always has our back and is always listening, and that what we can state clearly from our hearts desire, instead of ego, followed up with a release AKA surrender to the divine and then gratitude no matter what, is what makes it happen.

I ask you now, what do you wish to manifest in ease and flow for 2024 first quarter?

What are the seemingly small miracles that you would like to manifest?

Can you see how you are holding your miracles back by not allowing the keys I share here to just be you?

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

As always loving you from here,
Rene Schooler