Love is one of the best self-development courses you can ever sign up for.
Love causes us to not want to lose it.
Makes us want to change ourselves to the core.
Love makes us think, “well I can sacrifice this or that, its not that big a deal.”
Love can make us feel like our hearts are being ripped from our chests when we feel that our love is being threatened.
But here is the thing…
Love is one of the best self-development course if we are conscious to what all this ego based fear around it is actually saying to us.
And it certainly is not proclaiming to step away from being whom you are,
To change your core or heart.
To hide your desires,
Your truth,
Your fear,
Your anger,
To stop communicating because you fear confrontation or potential loss.
No that is not what love is teaching.
Love is saying to have faith in it.
Find your courage and strength in it.
To know that in the midst of the storms that can make your heart shake,
That you will still be held.
Love is saying that in these ego reactions that cause us to not feel aligned, happy or just not right in any fashion that we are being offered a great teacher.
The teacher of wisdom to see where we hold ourselves so tight that we cannot see the path back to our hearts.
The teacher that knows that no matter who we are, that we are all still students to life. That we have so much to learn.
The teacher that is aware that we are human,
And make mistakes as those that we love will do as well. And that often in life things are rarely what we think they are.
When you love someone you meet your edge.
You meet your ego.
You meet your darkness and your light.
When you love someone,
You see where you need to expand.
Where there is room for deeper healing inside yourself.
You discover lands that you had forgotten about,
Or thought you could ignore.
When you love someone,
Truly love them.
You want to be the best you.
For them.
For you.
For the team.
Being the best you,
In love is elevating.
It is what you came here to do.
To see yourself, FULLY.
To accept and love yourself,
With all those little quirky traits,
And things you fear will drive your love away.
Being the best you,
Is about living unbound.
Being the best you,
Is about BEING LOVE.
And when you love someone,
You will consciously want to see and be seen.
Knowing that this is the greatest work of your lifetime.
This is the expansion.
This is the transformation.
This is how you get closer to your truth.
To access your soul.
It will not be easy.
It will not always be pleasant.
It will have you holding your breath at times.
But if you choose to love with this consciousness,
To see its beauty and stand in its fire.
You will have no choice but to expand.
Your thinking.
Your feeling.
Your beliefs.
Your soul.
And for that my love,
You will touch the heavens,
And be blessed with a joy and depth that is ever so rare.
Loving you from here always.
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