We try so hard to be something.
Something that many of us do not even know what it is.
We desire to be loved,
to be desired,
We want to be accepted.
And we believe that our acceptance is based on the things that we do,
the way that we present ourselves and making others happy.
And so we keep trying to be this or that.
But the emptiness encompasses us,
and it drains our soul.
We loose ourselves in the attempt to make things right.
To be a good a person according to the standards of the world around us.
We find ourselves, wanting for things,
things that feel empty,
but sound exciting.
Things that will trigger our fears,
may even make us feel like we are bad in some sense,
but make us feel alive,
or successful in some fashion.
We see images plastered on billboards,
we see pictures and videos full of what success, happiness, love,
“the good life” is all about,
and we strive to make that happen.

And so we keep trying so hard to be something.
This thing that we do not know.
This thing that feels foreign to our soul.
This thing that our world picture tells us is success.
Tells us that we “should” be.

After all we are 18, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 years old.
We should have it all figured out.
We should be living this way.
We should not be wanting any more.
We should just have it.
Be it.
This thing.

Or we fear that we will reach what ever age we have set in our mind without achieving this.
And we fear the missed opportunities.
We fear missing the boat,
this magical boat that has all of our dreams and desires on it,
where our hearts will want no more.

And then we will be at peace.
Then life will be perfect.
Then we will be successful.

And that will be a good life.
That is the way life is to be.

The issue is that it does not happen.
The issue is that this concept,
of having some end point.
Some I am full on life point.
I have arrived point.
Is bullshit!

Life is not like that.
There is never an end point.
We are not designed to live for the end point.
We are designed to live for the journey.
And feast on life as we go.

We set the tone of our lives by how we develop our mind,
how we stay in tune to our emotions,
how we embody our beings.
We embrace life by paying more attention to the experience that we are being blessed with right now,
then fearing that we are making the wrong choice for this “perfect” scenario of age 85.

Those who live in fear do not live.
But those who live for the fleeting do not live either.

Life is about the complexity.
Life is about the depth.
Life is about feeling it all.
The up’s and the downs.
The highs and the low’s.

Those who live life to the fullest have discovered the secret,
that secret is to not run from life.

It is to not fear tomorrow,
you can plan for tomorrow, but to not hide from the possibilities of it and most certainly NOT let tomorrow steal your TODAY by holding you in your yesterday with some “shoulda, coulda, woulda.”

The secrets to a happy, abundant life are not difficult.
They deduce down to the simple truths.

And that is to be in integrity.
Can you look yourself in the eye?
Can you say that today I was the best person that I could be? Even if I were an asshole today, I caught myself and I learned from the moment. I accepted that I was human. I forgave. I loved. I accepted self and others.
Can you say that no matter how you were perceived that you were living from the alignment of your SOUL?
Can you say that you have no regrets from today?
And if you have a regret, do you understand what this regret is telling you? Why it is holding you and are you willing to let it all go, to have faith in something more than your viewpoint?

This is living.
This is embracing your day.
This is expansion.
Of self.

Truly living is not for the weak of mind, soul or heart.
It takes balls to live out loud.
To live from your truth and not hide behind some shield that someone else built for you and said here, if you do this and this and this then you will be safe. Then you will live a safe, good life.
You should fear anything that rattles your cage.

No, only a scared unfaithful soul fears rattling the cage or rocking the boat.

Those who live by faith do not fear this,
or the crap that you have been told,

You want to be something?
Then look no farther then your heart and soul for guidance.
You may say that you have not the foggiest of clues as to who you are, or what you can become or should become, but I call bullshit on you.
Lean past that fear my love,
lean past all that crap that you have been told you are or are not and allow yourself to be seen,
to be felt.

You are someone with a BIG f-cking purpose!
But you have to own yourself.
You have to STOP fearing yourself.
And stop searching for something that is not lost.

The answers you are looking for are within you.
I promise you this.
Still yourself.
Still the fear.
Still the worry.


As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”

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