Thats all it is to be.
But you my love are afraid of your point of attraction.

You are afraid that you will be too much.
That you will stand out in the crowd of everyone else who chooses to deny thier happiness and blessing.

Why do you give so much attention to what you do not want?

Why do you go searching for problems and daydreaming about them?

To live a F-ck Yes Life you must give up….
Yes give the f-ck up on being available to everything that is not fun.
Is not able to be done in ease.
Are you struggling?
In a piss poor mood?
Always searching, hungry but never happy.

These are signs that you believe that it must be hard. That you must struggle.
That life is not there to back you.

And so you refuse to leap forward.
You turn away from the heights of bliss.
You find reasons and excuses as to why…
Why you cannot do, be or have.

You argue love.
You argue for your limitations in all the things you want most for.
And then you blame.
You weep in the shadows of what could have been.

The sad truth is that all this constriction you feel,
All this lack you are standing in,
All this drama and trauma you point fingers of blame toward.

You attracted it to you because you BELIEVE that you cannot have the life you desire.

And you believe that if you actually allowed yourself to love life,
To stop and smell the flowers,
To laugh more,
Play more,
Make love more,
And do the damn things that make you happy,
That you would no longer be recieved by this world.

Seriously, how can you be happy in a world so caught up in pain and anger?
How can you be laughing and enjoying your days when so many others are miserable and suffering? When bad things, very bad things are occurring all over?

This would make you seem an uncaring soul.
Caught up only in self, not concerned about the world or whats happening. You must have no virtues.

But I ask you this love.

How is tainting your life with pain and scarcity truly helping to pull anyone else out of the swamp they are in?

How is your suffering and lack of abundance helping move our planet to a healthier state? Or doing anything good for anyone?

Just for the fun of it….
Just for this moment in time…

Take thirty seconds,
To close your eye’s,
Breathe deep into your gut,
Relax your whole being,
And smile.
Smile a happy thought.
And feel it fully.
Imagine it as though it already was.

Imagine if you starting playing this creation game daily.
Imagine what might occur.

Could it be so simple as to what you apply your thoughts and feelings too is what you reap in life as well?

And if it changes nothing,
Then you have risked nothing but thirty seconds of your day.

But if blessings start to happen.
Your thinking change.
Your emotional state level up.
And you start to allow yourself to enjoy this magical life of yours…

Well then my love you will be risking EVERYTHING.

Because your whole life will evolve.
And you my dear will be no more,
For you will become that person you have desired all these years,
Living, breathing, tasting, f-cking the way you have always dreamed.

And that…
That is a risk that 99.9% of humans are not comfortable taking.

So best off you just keep b-tching about your problems and drama,
Weeping about how hard life is.

So you don’t have to risk transforming.
Risking birthing who you truly are.

Just stay right there love.
Stay as you are.

And I will venture out and live in abundance.
You can watch me from afar.
Enjoy my journies and love making.
The smile upon my face.
Although I wish you were here.

As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers ”

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