From the moment I arrived at the gates of my adventure I knew I was in for an erotic, spiritually opening experience.
“ Knock, knock…”
Duncan came out of the room with a smile and a blind fold in his hand. Gently placing it around my eyes asked me if I was ready? Softly I said “yes.” He took my hand and guided me into the room which quickly transformed into a jungle as I had to walk through vegetation that was growing on the sides of the entry to this explorative venture. Removing the bag I had brought from my shoulder, he informed me that on this journey of Divinity I would need a few items and placed a heavy back pack on my shoulders. Heavily weighted down with stuff that one might feel they would need for such a quest he then hung a rock climbing rope around my upper body.
The room felt moist and the air warm yet there were moments when a cool breeze crossed over my body. As I listen to the distant sounds of a rushing waterfall, exotic birds and animals mingling I feel as though I have been transported into a lush tropical forest. Taking my hands, Duncan assured me that he would never leave my side, that he would take me each step of the way to the summit where I would discover great inner truths. Once at the summit I would be able to bathe in the Divine waters of the kundalini waterfall and nourish my body and soul in the luscious nectar of the hot springs. But first I must overcome some obstacles and rough terrain; I would have to be permitted entry to this celestial place. Only the spirit of the forest would know if my heart and soul were Divine and able to access these sensual parts.
The sweet, fragrant smell of flowers came over me as Duncan guided my blinded being along paths richly covered with flowers and mosses. He led me to a pool where I was able to penetrate the still waters with my hand and feel the smooth texture of the dense, lush mud. I then had my senses exposed to the sweet essence and rich flavors of edible mud alongside juicy, zestful fruits hand fed to me by my guide. We traveled further into this land of endless possibilities and crossing through lands that felt humid; I could feel the heat of the sun baking down on my flesh. After a long journey we came upon an upward path. Here we had to part with our gear, outside of the rope. Duncan assisting me as we proceeded up the cliffs to the summit. Once at the summit I was able to breathe freely fully enjoying the crisp air, birds singing and my heart souring, but the inner journey was not over yet! The path from the summit lead to the kudalini falls that we could hear in the distance. The water rapping against the rocks sounded incredible. Hand in hand, Duncan escorted me down a sensual path of more flowers, grasses and finally to the Sacred spot. Here one had to reveal their Divine light. Personas and masks were not allowed. Only a pure, vulnerable, loving being of light could cross to bathe in these exquisite waters. Duncan kindly and lovingly helped disrobe my outer barriers and guided me across the sandy path into the heart of the waterfall. My flesh absorbing the cool waters was also being embraced by the rapture of the warm, luscious nectar that cascaded down from the rocks alongside the falls. My skin feeling renewed as was my soul. Time appeared to stop.
The peace and renewal that I had touched in the falls was only elevated more as my guide once again took my hand and lead me back down the trail, this time delivering me into a sensual comforting bed. With deep, ever expanding trust and surrender I was flown into the heavens and filled with blissful peace through his giving Tantric Massage.~
Much love and appreciation to you Duncan and your ever so talented hands in massage, your incredible love bringing spirit, your guiding light and your Divinity. So happy to be on this incredible path with your guidance.
I strongly encourage all God/Goddess(s) to explore this delectable adventure. I will be using this dynamic transformative adventure in my practice for sure. Thank you for creating it.