The weather outside is frightful.
Thunderstorms are brewing.
The winds of change blow through my world.
I look around and if I truly wanted,
I could get fixated on all the drama, 
the storms of my life.
I could focus in on my fears, my doubts and worries.
There is so much in this moment of my life that could easily carry me away like a kite in a storm.
Some days I wake and feel the pressure of all of this.
Other days my world feels light and full of sunshine.
No matter what the day starts like
I make the choice as to how i show up.
How i respond to the stimuli that life is providing.
These are the moments where i command in my blessings or i crash in the wake of the storms.

Today is like any other.
Sunshine and Thunderstorms.
So like any good abundance queen
I choose to lean into my pleasure.
I choose to breathe into my joy.
I choose to reap the blessings that are all around me.

And choose to share in the wealth.
When the storms of life gather around you.
Let them rain down and cleans you.
Find shelter in your pleasure
Shelter in your self love.

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And as always
Stop Existing & Start Living

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