Even though we look between the lines,
we come back to our truth,
to our commitment to keeping it real.
We breathe in deep,
as we let our tears fall,
we feel our hearts as we press ourselves together even tighter than before.
Our frustration,
our fear.
Our love overcomes ALL.
And I am reminded that this is the relationship,
the love that I have always wanted for.
The Raw.
The Real.
The Committed.
I feel my heart swell when I hear you come close,
Your touch ignites me to my core.
The softness of my feminine feels safe in your arms,
as our feet entwine and dance in the night.
I breathe you in as you do I.
Not ever wanting to lose your scent.
And I am at home.
Here in the rawness of my humanity.
Here in the home of our love.
I find peace,
I find comfort,
I find joy.
But you owe me nothing.
And I, the same to you.
I do not ask for you to make me happy.
I only ask for your rawness.
Your core truth.
Your respect, honesty and trust.
I ask for your open communication,
your desire for our intimacy.
To go deeper.
To feel into the valleys and shadows of yourself,
so we can lay here in this rawness of our humanity,
and love fully.
The most sound and beautiful relationships are based on the simplest truth,
that we are not here to make anyone happy,
not even our soulmate.
But we are too meet each other with our own happiness,
our own self-love and respect.
And in this meeting we will unite as a team.
Our bond is based in self.
The coming together of like minds, souls and hearts.
The wanting of common goals.
Beyond desire and passion ( although we have plenty),
We have this river of consciousness,
a friendship,
where there is no questioning,
only knowing.
A knowing that I got you and you I.
We will never be lost at sea,
for we have this love between.
This is a love that can survive anything.
A love that will conquer.
And it is based on our rawness.
It is a product of our commitment.
We have walked through fire and brimstone,
we have laughed under the full moon,
we have been torn at by wolves,
and hunted in the night.
No fire or furry holds a candle to our connection.
As the new day sets upon us,
I am forever reminded,
that this is the love that I have always asked for.
And you are the man I am committed to keep it real with.
To all those beautiful, strong and real couples out there,
this is the sorta love that last centuries and storybooks are based on.
Keep it real, raw and committed.
Know yourself first and foremost.
Be strong in who you are,
and know that no matter how long you have been together,
the journey is forever transforming,
always teaching you and molding your love to its most elevated state,
if only you will keep it raw.
Love truly is the greatest teacher of our lives.
From my heart to yours,
keepin’ real and raw with my man.
Always remember,
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