You are scared shitless of letting go of control and therefore you cannot surrender to the flow of your life and all the beauty and blessings that are in store for you.


You crave the deep heart shattering love,

you want for the intensity of life to move through you in your most intimate spaces,

your hunger is strong for the avalanches of abundance,

but they will never be yours.


And the only thing standing your way to having EVERYTHING…


and I mean everything that you have ever wanted and desired is your FEAR.


That fear that has you believing that you are not worthy.

That fear that has you believing that safety is better.

That fear that is telling you that turning away from your dreams is better than suffering,

and that you will not suffer if you let go of what you want.

That fear that has you convinced that you should be/do/have some way that another wants, instead of JUST BEING YOU.


That fear that whispers in your ear at times of transformation and breakthrough,

just when you are getting to expand and says,


“You are not safe. You need to control this situation.”


Yes that fear.


It is keeping you from EVERYTHING.


And you just keep going back to its arms,

back to it’s false security,

and believing its lies.


And what are you actually getting from it?

‘Cuz there is no security in fear in truth.


You are getting to to remain a victim to life,

that’s what you are getting.

You are getting to remain weak in your thoughts,

weak in your emotions,

and weak in life.

You are fulfilling the prophecy of that fear has been telling you all your life.


So what is your fear giving you?





So good job!

Good job listening to what will be the thief of your life and thinking its your “smartest” option.

Good job for lying to yourself and telling yourself that you would do anything for your dreams,

for your personal growth and well-being,

for love.


Good job, ignoring your soul and instead living from your ego.

Good job for cowering before the offerings of soul and God,

and turning your back to EVERYTHING that you want for.


There is a saying that it is always darkest before sunrise.

And somehow, you have been believing that the darkness is a sign that you cannot have the sunrise,

that it is not coming for you,

that you are not worthy,

and so you sit there believing that what you are witnessing is a message from soul to go back,

to stop the pursuit.



And this is sheer f-cked up thinking!

I can tell you one thing,

and this I had to learn the hard way many times over,

but it’s the truth,



Suffering is a choice.

Not having is a choice.

And we decide if we are going to thrive or suffer when we choose to lean into FAITH or FEAR.


If you have been doing your work internally,

and you have been dreaming your dreams of all that you want to call in, ‘and then you have seen some of the things start to manifest in your life,

but in their manifestation you shun them,

you hate on them,

you gain disgust or bitterness for them not being exactly how you wanted or showing up exactly when you wanted, ‘then know that your ego is running your life not your heart and soul and that you have turned your power over.


Because what you want for is coming for you, ‘and it can get here quickly if you stay focused on feeling good about what is showing up.

If you stay focused on how f-cking awesome the journey is instead of how you don’t yet have yada-yada-yada.


You gotta find your strength though.

You have to have the ever loving courage to turn away from your fear and if you talk about about living from faith and walking in faith,

then you need to stop talking about it and



Because words don’t matter.

Your actions,

your attention to what you want from a place of faith,

that’s what matters.


Faith is the true sign of surrender.

And right now love,

you don’t got it.


But you can shift in 30 seconds if you truly want to.

All it requires is you putting down your armour of fear and need to control.


Just 30 seconds and you can get the momentum of faith and the power of surrender moving in the direction of your desired life and dreams.


Are you ready to say YES to YOU?

Are you ready to surrender to well-being and love?

Are you ready to put down all the false illusions of your lack of worthiness?


I sure hope so.

The world needs you to shine.


As Always,

Stop Existing & Start Living

“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”


Want to know how 30 seconds can change your life forever?

Want to know the secret of the magic minute?

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