The last three years have been a harsh battle of owning self at a new level, seeing self for my weaknesses, my vulnerability, my trauma wounds and the grip they still hold on me.

The bond I have with Craig has always been unique.

And its the simple things that he does that make me stand in gratitude and build my trust in men, in relationship, and for our love.

Learning that it’s okay to not be perfect.

Recognizing that our bond is forming stronger in these harsh moments of my fear.

His fear.

Our desire to be stronger together.

Just this morning I told him, “You are the ONLY man that has ever said this, been here like this.”

In today’s world, many are obsessed with finding the elusive ‘perfect person.’

Endless searching, meeting new people, and taking risks have left you scarred, afraid of getting hurt again.

You fear failure, deception, and can’t distinguish the real from the fake. Doubt and skepticism cloud your judgment.

You dissect every potential partner, trying to assemble the ideal person from bits and pieces of past relationships, but that perfect image remains unattainable.

You burden each new connection with the hope of finding someone flawless, as if they hold the key to a meaningful life that doesn’t exist.

What many fail to grasp is that true love doesn’t happen at first sight or first impression. It’s a gradual build-up.

It emerges from your flaws, shared traumas, and both your highs and lows. It’s born from failures and the lessons learned.

Your uniqueness, experiences, and even your rock-bottom moments have their place in healing and growth, both as individuals and as a couple.

People often trade genuine value for what they perceive as easily replaceable. It’s an illusion. The promise of something ‘better’ is deceptive; ‘better’ is relative to your own journey and healing process.

The strongest bonds are forged in the harshest battles, where you suffer together as a team, a unit, or as one entity. This is where true connection thrives.

Your foundation will crumble without the bricks and mortar of shared trials and errors.

Physical intimacy and empty promises, driven by delusions, only provide fleeting satisfaction, leading to repeated collapses.

Don’t fear the process. Embrace the pain, the setbacks, and the imperfections. Embrace life itself.

Once you do, you’ll look back and appreciate the failures and losses, as they shape your unique journey through life.

True vulnerability, mirrored in someone else, is where you’ll find what you seek.

Fall in love with yourself first, and you’ll discover your true reflection in another. Seek not perfection, but someone with whom you can build, be vulnerable, and reveal your raw self while still feeling accepted.

Take this advice to heart and find someone with whom you can grow to the point where being in their presence feels like coming home.

As always,

Loving you from here.

Rene Schooler

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