And here’s thoughts on what to do when you are just angry with everything.


Have you ever woke up just wanting to bite the heads off of live chickens?

That’s how I woke up this morning!

Perhaps it is what’s happening in the heavens with Saturn and Uranus, like a dear client of mine shared with me the other day…

The reality none the less, is that anger and rage, ego that is, is at a high point in our world right now. War on the microcosm and the macro is on the horizon.

This morning at waking Craig asks me how I slept…

my response, “Good, I don’t recall waking up and slept through, but I am just mad.”

His response. “It’s hard to take you seriously because you don’t treat me badly. Your not a bitch.”

Then he asked me…

Mad? Mad at what?

This question he posed of me I’ve been sitting with all morning as I do my rituals and routines of the early day.

What I’ve come up with so far, is that I am mad at situations, what’s out of my control and certain people’s lack of communication, disregard, shaming and guilt.

I am mad that my timeline and God’s timeline are different.

I am mad that, I punish myself and self-sabotage in the ways that I still do.

I am anger, even rageful about the state of the nation and world.

I am angry with everything!

And the reality of my anger, like all of anger and rage is that it’s causing me to get stuck in the ego trap of fear-based feeling and thinking, causing procrastination, old sabotaging programs to rise up and stinking thinking to creep in.

Anger and rage, when left unchecked, can morph into destructive forces within us, clouding judgment and potentially leading to insults or even violence. This self-destructive mode of anger blocks alternative perspectives, as the heightened ego convinces us that our viewpoint is the only valid one. However, by understanding anger as a tool, we can redirect its energy from destruction to creation, transforming it into a force for positive change.

When anger acts as a destructive force, it tends to bury emotions and may even result in physical harm. To navigate this, we must ask ourselves:

How can we channel anger and rage in more constructive ways?

How can we transform the sacred rage within us, trusting it to serve a purpose in our lives?

It’s crucial to recognize that rage, like any powerful force, is a tool that can be harnessed to create something amazing.

Consider the natural cycle of death and rebirth present in all things. Anger and rage, as destructive forces, initiate a process of death, destroying the old to make way for the new. In essence, anger becomes the catalyst for a potential rebirth, leading us to a more fulfilling and purposeful existence.

There is a wonderful metaphor that is anger is like gasoline. In this analogy, anger serves as fuel for a fire that provides warmth to a community. However, to generate this warmth, the gasoline must be burned up, akin to the destruction required for creation. Applying this concept to our lives, our rage may be directed at policies in our businesses or personal lives that no longer serve or support people. In such instances, we can use our anger as a force to dismantle these ineffective policies.

Once we’ve processed our anger and embodied its potential for healing, we gain the ability to take purposeful action. Breaking down barriers becomes a conscious effort to create space for something new — something that aligns more closely with our life’s purpose.

This is the essence of creative anger — a form of ego death that clears the path for creation. Rather than allowing anger to become a self-destructive force, envision how it can be harnessed to burn down barriers and pave the way for innovation and renewal. By understanding anger as a tool for transformation, we empower ourselves to use its energy consciously, turning destruction into an opportunity for growth and creation.

So instead of biting the heads off of live chickens today or our loved ones, how about we choose differently???

Love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Plus, what is angering you today? this week? or year?


Loving you from here always,

Rene’ Schooler