Some men exhibit toxic behaviors.
They’re reluctant to love you the way you deserve, yet they fear losing you.
The more you give, the less they value. When you decide to move on, they suddenly change, but only briefly.
☠️Beware: a man’s persistence after a breakup isn’t proof of love. It’s manipulation. Don’t be swayed by empty promises. Actions speak louder. Real love is consistent, not a reaction to losing you.
In the complex landscape of love and relationships, some men exhibit toxic behaviors that can leave you questioning your worth and yearning for genuine affection. It’s a painful journey, one that many have traveled, but it’s essential to shed light on these toxic patterns to empower ourselves.
These men don’t genuinely want to love you the way you deserve to be loved, yet they cling to you, creating a web of confusion and emotional turmoil. They dance on the line between holding on and pushing you away, leaving you in a constant state of unease.
It’s a twisted paradox: the more love, care, and effort you pour into them, the less they seem to appreciate it. You become entangled in a cycle of giving your all, hoping that one day they’ll reciprocate with the love and respect you crave.
But the breaking point inevitably arrives. When you summon the courage to walk away, that’s when they suddenly spring into action, professing their undying love and pledging to treat you right. It’s as if they have a radar for your vulnerability, and they exploit it at the opportune moment.
👉However, here’s the painful truth: these fleeting changes are often just an act. A desperate attempt to regain control and keep you within their grasp. It’s not a sign of transformation but rather a manipulation tactic.
So, what should you truly look for in love? Real love isn’t about empty promises uttered after repeated mistakes. It’s about consistent actions that reflect care, respect, and devotion from the very beginning.
You deserve a love that doesn’t need a wake-up call to treat you right. It’s a love where a person willingly changes because they can’t imagine their life without you. It’s not about asking them to change; it’s about them choosing to change for the betterment of both of you.
In your pursuit of love, don’t settle for mere words. Look for actions that align with those promises. Embrace your worth, choose to be loved properly, and remember that true love is a partnership, not a battleground of emotions.
Take my advice here dear follower, toxic behavior, gaslighting, narcissistic behavior and begging are never behaviors of true love. They are based in fear and a need to control.
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