Most fail to grasp this concept:
When you encounter someone who reveals their true nature, refrain from attempting to alter their essence.
Attempting to salvage a toxic or abusive relationship reflects a trauma response.
Remember, your relationship’s validity doesn’t require validation from others; it’s a partnership, not a communal endeavor.
Always trust individuals when they unveil their genuine selves.
Frequently, what we term “giving people the benefit of the doubt” is a guise for disregarding our own boundaries, nurturing the illusion of potential change.
We often make excuses for those we’re fond of, even when they treat us poorly, driven by fear to acknowledge their indifference.
The sooner you come to terms with this truth, the better off you’ll be. Cease squandering your time on fleeting exchanges.
Effective communication is perpetually vital.
Communication transcends mere late-night conversations; it hinges on the substance of the discourse.
It’s not merely about knowing how to speak; it’s about understanding the right questions to ask and initiating conversations that stimulate your partner’s mind.
Always pay heed to your innermost feelings when engaged in conversation with someone.
If you sense you’re compromising your standards, chances are you are. Your inner self recognizes when things aren’t aligned; never disregard this intuition.
A person’s values, principles, and mindset will mold your children, shaping them into good spouses and parents. Appearance is secondary, so choose wisely.
Cultivate a relationship with someone who knows the minutiae of your being, from your preferred morning egg style to your cherished childhood memories or the romantic movies that move you to tears.
Take my counsel to heart and remember:
Know yourself, understand your desires, recognize your worth, and above all, never, under any circumstance, settle for less.
Loving you from here always.
Rene Schooler
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