What is freedom to you?
I coach a lot on freedom based living.
It is a passion of mine you could say.
Since I was a small child I knew that I wanted to be free in all that I do. I could feel the constrictions of society even then and I knew they were not cut out for me.

I knew that there was something more to me than to just live for the junk that society, my church, school and friends were telling me.

I knew that I was special in some way, but not the sort of special that we preach to our children today which does not teach them about the realities of life and that sometime loosing is in our story line.

No, not that special where there are no losers, there are no last places.

That is not special.
That does not show us our true light.
Or bring about our gifts.
It does not teach us to be the leaders of our stories.
It does not create a foundation for freedom based living,
it actually only teaches us how to be in service to the under lining communist ways of our current world.
This life was intended to be fair.
Fairness is not about everyone getting everything the same,
It is not about equal shares. Fairness is about each soul having an opportunity to create the life that they are in alignment to.

That is it.
That’s what fair is.

In raising my seven children, I get yelped at all the time about that’s not fair mom. And my response is always the same, ” Yes it is. According to actions and attitude shared it is fair.”

I am teaching my children about the laws of the universe.
God’s laws.
These laws go far beyond any man made law.
God’s fairness is about alignment to our soul.

By truly stepping closer to ourselves we get into this alignment and we can hear God’s voice with greater ease.

When we are handed everything in equality for the sake of not hurting anyone else’s feelings or making it “fair,” then we are not learning about alignment, we are learning how to be a good sheeple.

There is nothing wrong with sheeple.
Most of the population is just this.
But a soul that is in alignment to itself and to God can never accept this state of being.

Freedom based living is all that our souls can accept when we are fully in tune.

God wants our greatness,
God wants us to surrender to our greatness through his blessings.
God wants us to get in the flow of his magnitude and power where nothing is impossible.

When we restrict our natural creative nature and emotions,
when we constrict our power and light,
when we settle for so much less than than what/who we were born to be,

We step out of God’s flow,
out of alignment.

And we accept what is provided for us through our human limitations.

I am not 100% free.
None of us ever will be.
We are prisoners to this thing called life,
to being human.
Only when we are back in the full presence of our creator will we be fully free again.

However, freedom is at our core.
It is what we all desire and hunger for.

That is why Sunday night so many of you look at your clocks and calendars and dread having to go to bed because the next day you are back to the life that you are not in alignment to.

That is why Wednesday so many say with a sigh of relief and hope that, “yeah it is hump day.” Middle of the road a, only 2 more days till I get to live again.

That is why Friday rolls around and so many get turned on and start to smile. This is the day that you can just be you come 5pm.

This is no way to live folks.
We were born for more.
This is existing at best.

It is not about the money.
The house.
The car.
Or any other “thing.”

Freedom is a state ob being.
It is a feeling.

As a woman who lived this life in this fashion for so many years,
who lived pay to paycheck,
wished I could more, have more, share more.
Wished I could just feel good about who I was and my life.

I can tell you that until you have this feeling of freedom,
you will never feel fulfilled, happy or aligned.

You will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop and question everything that is given to you.

We were built for fairness.
And that fairness is based in our freedom to choose.

That is what God meant by free will.
But we have destroyed our free will and replaced it with an illusion of unearned liberties that do nothing more than cage us in our earthy prison even more.

This morning I sit here on my back patio, drinking my coffee, writing in my creation flow journal.
I sit here enjoying the morning sun. The breeze that blows through the trees.

It is Saturday, but it is no different than any other morning for me.
I sit here as my children come out and snuggle with me, ask me to get them things and play with each other and the dog.

I sit here and I smile because even though it is Saturday it could be Monday, Tuesday or Friday.

My life does not revolve around what day of the week it is.
I do not take vacations from my life.
I do not feel any dread over any day.
I have no annual reviews that dictate what I will get or loose.

I just live.
I live in joy.
I live in abundance.
I connect consistently with those I love.
My income grow’s or decreases based on my alignment and actions taken when in this flow.
I do not work.
I let my essence out and I share.

And SHARE I do daily.
Not from a place of what I think is society correct or a fear of what someone will think, but ONLY from a place of my authentic soul. It is where I am in the moment, what my soul wants to express and what I feel called to.

I do not do anything based on anyone else.
My soul flies free like a willow tree.
Rooted, stable, strong, drinking from the spring of God’s blessings and flexible and flowing.
Here is freedom based living.
Here is our truth.

Here I sit this morning watching my children play.
Here I basking in the moment of this magical life,
where anyone can create what they want.

Life is VERY FAIR.
You get what you focus on.

The only question for any of us today is,
” What am I in alignment to?”

You will know pretty quickly, because it is at your doorstep.
It will show itself to you with every step you take today.

So be in gratitude for EVERYTHING that comes to you today and always.

Because you asked for it with your focus.
You called it in BABY.

You are the creator of your life.
No matter the man made laws,
God’s are far greater and God is ever flowing and abundant,
Always providing you with EXACTLY what you believe you need.

So remember,
Stop Existing & Start Living

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