Choose to love someone who can’t imagine a day without hearing your voice.
Find a person who comprehends you even when you’re at your quirkiest, someone who exercises patience and is led by strong morals and sound judgment.
Discover someone who stands by your side even on your gloomiest days, always lifting you up when you’re at your lowest.
Fall in love with someone who engages in deep, meaningful conversations about their emotions and the experiences that have shaped them into the person they are today.
Take my counsel and bear in mind that life is too fleeting to invest your time in superficial conversations with mediocre individuals.
Perhaps you are one, like myself, that has experienced the superficial.
For you my love, know that you are worthy.
Your soulmate is looking for you.
🥰“To fall in love with someone who honors you is to experience a love that lifts you higher, never holding you back.”👑
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As always,
Loving you from here.