Know what you want.

Know what you don’t want. 

Don’t get hyper focused on what you don’t want or all you will get is more of that. 

Notice how the universe brings you samplings of the good things for you to explore on your journey to having your heart’s desire fulfilled.

Be grateful for that. 

Be extra grateful for all those not so pleasant samplings as well. 

For the contrast allows you to discover yourself and your truth in what you are aligned to and want the most for. 

That contrast builds your hunger for what is right for you. 


But have you noticed beautiful that your preferences really don’t matter when you get soul-aligned and in your heart?


Have you noticed that when it comes to finding someone attractive, 

Feeling like your heart is shattering open in love, 

Or finally surrendering to your man in bed, in life, in love and trust that your preferences have no play in the matter. 

And what you “thought” was ideal,”

What you “believed” was aligned, 

Or had some picture in your head because this is what you were told, this is what society, family, your besties said was great and would make you happy was actually the furthest thing from what your soul knew to be perfect. 


That match made in heaven that all us women crave to experience, 

That knee popping connection, 

That kiss that makes us know with certainty that he is all we have been looking for, 

That loving gaze that makes us feel cherished like no other human can make us feel, 

That sweet surrender and trust that we did not believe was possible but just find ourselves basking in only in his arms…

That feeling of coming home…


That sort of depth and connection is ONLY based in soul-alignment and heart centered love.

It has zero to do with the outside judgements of his book that we so easily get caught up on. 


Over the last few weeks I have heard from so many beautiful women about their men that they are married too, getting married to, dating, or wanting to date.


All the talk has been based on what these women are wanting in a lifelong, soul- aligned partnership that makes their heart explore in love. 

They want the storybook. 

However, they are judging the story by the cover of the book alone. 

And it’s not even the full cover often that they are looking at. 

They are looking at some subtle details in the print and making a decision about how happy, how pleasurable, how connected, and how good the book is based on these small details on the cover. 


“Well you see, I really want deep, fully emerged love making. A partner in life that has my back and respects me. I want a man that knows himself but is not an A-hole. I want him to be solid and know how to lead, emotionally mature, passionate but not controlling. I want him to be a conscious man. A real man.”


And so much more.

And then they follow it up with and this is how I know that he is all that…


“This man must be this tall, have this skin color, be this age bracket, make this much money, have this much savings, have a cock that is this big, live here, want/not want kids, accept every aspect of me and my life out the gates, let me lead.”




“I know he is a real man. A conscious man. Because….he did not pressure me for sex the first time we met. He used to be in the military or is in the military. He looks strong. He does yoga. He reads Tony Robbins. He cares about the environment. He is health conscious. He owns a business….”


Or fill in your surface level details to his book cover. 


Then these women open the book and start turning the pages to discover that this book is only pictures and get discouraged by how he had the nerve to be just what he is…


An empty masculine who was riding through life based on his cock size or how much money was in his bank account, or whatever cover detail you thought was showing you soul-alignment, hoping that you dear woman would just accept that and all the emptiness that would come with it for love and connection. 


He was hoping (and obviously maybe you were too) that soul-alignment and heart centered love and connection that your whole being craves at a deep cellular level would be satisfied with the illusion of what money and physical what have yous might bring. 


After all, you prefer those things. 


Those are the things that bring happiness right?

Those are the things that satisfy you when wrapped in his arms.

Those are the things that you remain focused on when you fight with him.

Those are the things that you value.

They make you feel love, safe, respected, cherished.

Those things make you respect him.

Trust him.


So all you have to do beautifully from this concept of “soulmate love and connection” is to make your ideal list and check the ever so important boxes listed above about finding the man with the best cover and ALL your needs, desires and heart longings in a relationship will be satisfied. You will be home with him, in that relationship and all should just work out perfectly based on the bank and the physical appearance. Based on what he does for a living or how “tough” or “conscious” he is making himself out to be.


So why are you still not satisfied?

Why do you still not feel him in sex?

Why are you not feeling that depth, that heart quivering yearning to not leave his side ever?

Why are you still fighting for separation in your relationship and laying out the here is you and here is me and you sir will respect this line?


When all you want beautiful is for him to take you to the depths of your soul that you have never been taken too before.


You want him to carry you to the gates of heaven in your sexing without hassle and you want to dance in rapture even when you argue…


All you crave is to know…

And to fear losing him. 

All you want is that sort of love that the storybooks talk of.


There is a line in the movie Princess Bride where Princess Buttercup finds out that her true love Westly had been murdered by pirates, she says, “ I will never love again.”


As depressing as this statement is, in the hopelessness of her loss you cannot deny that you beautiful woman crave that love with a man that makes you want to never love again should something ever happen. 


You want him to destroy you.

You want him to get into your veins. 

You want his essence to last lifetimes in your soul.


You want to know that no one could ever lift you to the heights that he did. 

Ever see you so purely like he did. 

Ever understand you, hold you, lead you, explore you, LOVE YOU…

The way he does, 

And all you know is that it is this “feeling” of coming home.

That sort of love and soul-aligned bonding does not come from the cover of his book. 

It is not based on those surface level preferences. 


What you are wanting is far more valuable. 

And it only comes from exploring his book. 

His essence. 

And from deep diving into all of yourself beautiful so that you can deep dive into him. 

When your desire to explore the chapters of life with him becomes more important than what his cover says to your friends and family, and when you cannot explain what it is exactly that has you wanting him to pour through your veins for all of eternity, but all you know is that you hate separation from him. You want to protect him and the relationship as though it were your own heart and soul because it is, and you just feel at home.




In love.

Surrendered to him. 

And that is just what you want to be.


Here beautiful you discover what “soulmate” love and alignment really is. 

And the boxes that get checked are the important ones, not that surface level shiz.


As Always, 

Stop Existing & Start Living

“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”


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