Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly achieve their desires while others fall short? Why, despite your efforts, you might not have everything you want? The answer lies in a simple truth: you’re either all in or you’re not.

In a world full of promises and talk, many individuals fail to deliver, and the only person they truly let down is themselves. It’s time to question why you might not be getting everything you desire. One of the most significant reasons, as observed in many cases, is that you’re not fully committed.

You might be deceiving yourself and others, claiming to be 100% committed, but deep down, you know you’re not. You may be facing challenges, finding it hard, investing in yourself, just starting out, or feeling misunderstood, but these are mere excuses. It’s time to stop, acknowledge the reality, and make a choice.

From personal experience, I’ve been in situations where I pretended to be “all in” while, in reality, I was lying to myself. However, the transformative moments occurred when I genuinely went ALL IN — with unwavering commitment and dedication. That’s when the magic happens, opportunities unfold, deals are made, and records are broken.

If you recognize that you’re not entirely committed to the future you deserve, it’s a crucial moment. Either go all in right now, or get out — there is no halfway.

Here’s a Blueprint to Going All In:


Ultimately, the point of any endeavor is to create something amazing that aligns with your deepest desires. To go all in, you must put your purpose first. It’s a challenging task. Ask yourself, why are you here? What is your higher purpose? What drives you beyond yourself? That purpose needs to take precedence, influencing every action, choice, and decision you make.

If you don’t go all in with your purpose, nothing will shift forward at a rapid pace. It’s the driving force that propels you towards your goals.


Committing to putting purpose first is just the beginning. The world will test your resolve. Distractions will come from every direction, testing how serious you are. There’s power in saying no, being selfish with your purpose, and being strong. Lock in your purpose, repeatedly, even when faced with choices that seem easy but put your purpose second. This is the critical moment where many break and settle for being good instead of great.


If you’ve achieved success, commend yourself. However, the challenge is to go even further. Always think bigger, talk bigger, walk bigger, and act bigger. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, because the bigger you become, the more significant your purpose will grow.

It all comes back to putting your purpose first, and your purpose is eager to be bigger. Listen to it, and you’ll find yourself ascending to the top.

Ready to Go All In? Here’s Your Chance:

Working with individuals who are genuinely committed to putting their purpose first is my mission. If you’re ready to accelerate, overcome challenges, and elevate your life, business, and mindset, a private mentoring opportunity awaits.

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So, remember, you absolutely can have it all when you put your purpose first. It’s time to go all in and unlock your full potential.

Loving you from Manitou Springs Colorado today,

Rene Schooler