Facebook jail and other shameful events of my week.
Yeah so that happened folks.
I got put into facebook jail.
You know the place.
That suspends all your activity for 3 days,
which feels like two weeks.
Really I am not a facebook junkie,
I might be on here a little bit.
And it is my primary social media platform for everything that I do,
so when I ended up in jail the other day,
I found myself questioning what to do with my life.
But first you may wonder why I got put in jail.
I am mean I am a good girl who NEVER does anything but follow societal norm and rules after all.
So how could I be tossed in jail?
I pissed someone off in New York I think it was with my article from this Tuesday on oral sex and intimacy
And so the lock down happened.
I actually feel sorry for this soul as she obviously was highly offended by my article and took a great amount of time in her day to come research my posts and video’s, comment on them and bash me around when she was not a FB friend of mine or a follower of my page in any way.
She still could not stomach that somehow this post has showed up on her wall.
Enough of that.
What I ended up doing instead of sharing on Facebook, was even more shameful than my post.
I had wine two nights in a row with old lovers of mine.
I stayed out until 2-am, enjoying their company and basking in their masculine love.
I enjoyed some fantastic wine.
Laughed a bunch, with out care.
Got a massage.
And forgot about the facebook slammer.
I turned around and had some great sex,
enjoyed multiple orgasms,
connected deeply with my lover.
Laughed some more.
And forgot about the facebook slammer.
I played with my children.
Enjoyed Halloween with my family.
As well as go cart races,
and back yard laser tag fun.
Food with friends.
And more laughter.
And yes,
as you can guess forgot about the facebook slammer.
I enjoyed wine with a friend and my daughter until the late night hours while we sat and created my two new mentor-ship programs for pre-launch in a few weeks.
I helped a friend push through on his business goals.
And helped 7 clients take steps toward their dreams,
with tears streaming down their faces in gratitude.
I spent time with both my baby daddies,
and I did it in love and in peace.
Enjoyed my moments.
And I laughed.
Oh, and I almost forgot….
I cleared almost $8,000 in the 72 hours of slammer time.
So there was my shameful few days while in Facebook jail.
Jail that I was put in because someone in another state that does not follow me, is not friends with me, and has no freakin’ clue anything about me or my coaching,
has SHAME of their own.
So deep the shame that they felt victimized by a picture and some words that came across their feed.
That they felt they were being attacked.
And so they were.
But not by me.
Not by anyone.
They had choices to feel the shame,
and blame with pointing fingers.
Or to feel the shame,
and laugh at it’s silliness.
It’s illusion.
Because shame is just that.
An illusion.
And folks,
this week, for me,
has been built on my old wounds from shame.
I have had to face my old shame programs daily.
I have been shamed by my children,
by friends and by foe’s,
by my ex’s and even by Facebook.
But in the end,
all that shame,
Nothing but an illusion to my truth.
Just like your shame is an illusion to your truth.
Shame covers our light,
in hopes that we will fear an outcome,
that we will fear what other’s perceive of us.
Shame hides us from our truth.
That we are brilliant.
That we are beautiful.
That we are strong.
And that we can be-do-have our dreams.
Shame, shames us in order to prevent us from reaching our goals.
But it only win’s,
If we…
If YOU….
Instead of believing the shame,
try living life,
find your joy.
Find your turn on.
And laugh in the face of shame.
Then brace yourself,
because shame will never stop.
It is a fierce force of fear,
it will try and shame even your joy.
Your laughter.
Your smile.
Your kindness.
Your orgasm.
Your power.
Your every breath,
if you will let it.
Just remember though…
You are the BOSS.
And as always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
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