What about who I am, my choices, my boundaries, my beliefs, me being me and speaking my truth offends you?

👉Why do you let me have that sort of power and control over you???🤯🤯🤯

Have you ever just stopped and asked:
Why does this person offend me so?
Why am I so bothered and upset about them living their life, thinking the way they think, feeling the way they feel and supporting themselves how they feel they need to support themselves?
Why do I need them to see things my way?
Or even understand me?
Why is it an offense against who I am, because they see things differently and feel differently?
Why do I need them to own that they might be wrong and that I might be right?
And why do I feel that they are in the wrong?

We live in a world that somehow went from back in the day where it was understood that you would get told no, that life was not always going to hand you exactly what you wanted the way that you wanted and maybe not even at all.

To a society that believes that they should never be told no.
That when they get told no, when boundaries are asked for or set in place that the other person is in the wrong and that they are the ones who need to change or look at things differently. That they are not thinking of our feelings and that that is somehow wrong, bad, unhealthy, not in alignment to soul, unloving or low vibe.
That instead of someone standing firm in who they are and what they need, they should care more about how they might possibly offend someone else or about the emotional immaturity of others and how they should not trigger that immaturity if they really cared.

We used to parent our young with stronger boundaries and respect. We used to know it was our duty as adults, parents or other to teach our youth about respect in many aspects and that if someone sets a boundary that chances are they had a damn good f-cking reason for it and that reason was because “we” did something to create that barrier to be formed.

We could think it wrong.
We could have our feelings hurt.
We could get mad or be sad.
We could not understand the reasoning.

All of that was just fine.
But it did not change the reality that a new container had been created,
a boundary put in place,
a line had been drawn.
And no matter how we might feel we had to respect it.

That is not the case in today’s world.
We have the direct opposite.
We argue and make our plight to be understood.
We feel we are owed a “fair trial” and ask that our past be ignored.
We make statements such as,

“That’s in the past. I am different now.”
“I did not mean it like that.”
“Stop using my words against me.”
“If you cared you would listen to me, see me, try to understand me.”
“You are misconstruing what I said, did… misunderstood me.”

And what we are saying here,
is that we want the one who is drawing a line in the sand to take responsibility for our feelings.
We want them to care more for our feelings then they do for themselves, their lives, happiness, health, etc.

We have created a society that believes that they should never be offended by another.
Believes that if someone looks at them a way that they are not comfortable with, says something that is out of alignment with their beliefs, thoughts, feelings that it is the other person who needs to change.

We have created a society that it is second nature to communicate our ego based immaturities through passive aggressive measures, to stonewall and sweetly point the blame back to the ones who we are not in agreement of their ways, boundaries, beliefs, etc.
And we then turn around and call ourselves a free society.
We preach freedom of speech, belief, sexual preference and talk about how we need to “love each other more.”

But in truth all this talk about love and freedom is only good when it is serving us and what we want as an outcome.

No such thing as an unselfish person.
The most deemed unselfish still has an ego and is acting based on what they feel is in their highest and best reward.
Maybe that is a pat on the head.
Maybe it is sympathy or pity that they crave.
Maybe they want to be right more than anything.
Maybe they simply desire to be seen, noticed somehow.
Loved or at least experience something close in what they perceive as the feeling of love.
Maybe its power or money.

We all have our reasons for doing what we do.
And wanting others to do as we want of them.
However when it comes to being offended by another,
Our culture has gotten extremely good at being a victim to anyone who dares not do as we see fit for any moment in time, and damn we all need to be empaths and mind readers to boot as to not set someones delicate, already traumatized and wounded soul into a frenzy.

And if we do…
well F-ck Us! we are the ones who need to review ourselves and realize that we are limited in our thinking. That we are misunderstanding. That we are damaging things because of our feelings and thoughts on a subject.

Damn us who dare to step out against what others want from us and inturn just say the truth….

I am doing THIS for me.
Selfish as that might seem.

Damn you for not caring about how you make me feel.
You should let me have what I want.
Like a spoiled kid in the grocery store demanding candy.
So often we give in to these mind play games.
So often we grow weak from the constant attacks and ignoring of our containers.
So often it is easier to just let another have their way, let them drain us of our time, energy and resources, so we don’t have to spend an eternity fighting for them to just get it.
Respect us.

But this is not what soul alignment is about.
By caving into anothers immature emotional responses we teach ourselves and them NOTHING.
We in turn support this unhealthy behaviour and tell them it’s okay to get their panties in a wad over every little thing and have a weak AF backbone.
We are not servants to humanity by exhibiting such paralysis and faulty ground in life.

Today I ask you to look at where in your life you are expecting someone else to make you feel good?

Where are you turning over your power to someone else by being so sensitive to who they are?

Where are you not owning your part in the “no?”

When we can see that we have a part in all that life brings us,
even and especially the parts that are uncomfortable and may cause us to feel shattered with plenty of fall out to deal with,
then we discover WHO WE REALLY ARE.

If we cannot see our part, we deny ourselves.
And we deny the love that life is offering us.
All because we are scared to expand, step out of what we thought we needed and into unchartered waters of who we really can become.

When we allow ourselves to be offended we show just how weak we really are.
We reveal to the world how small we actually believe ourselves to be.
How unimportant we find ourselves.
We prove that we are but just a child playing pretend.

Because only the immature of mind, thought, emotion and spirit would ever allow another the power to control their feelings of who they are or expect that they were to be handed something because they got their feelings hurt.

If we want to see change in our world and become a conscious society, a “woke” world and people then we MUST step out of the weak AF mindset that others are in any way responsible for our feelings.

As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”

Are you ready to stop handing you rpower over to every person who bounces through your life, says something that you don’t agree with or that you want something different from?
Are you ready to claim your life, your love, your abundance by fully stepping into who you were born to be?

Reach out to me today to say F-ck Yes! to You.