Oh baby I need your love.
Got to have all your love.

Can I pay you for?
Why don’t you really love me baby?
I bought that fur,
Those diamond earnings.
I paid off your student loan,
And put a down on your house.

What more can I do baby to prove my love?
I want you to desire me.
I want you to want me.
I want to look into those big eyes,
And feel your love.

It hurts to feel you not fully with me.
It pains me to see you texting others.
It makes me jealous when you say you have a date with someone else,
Your other daddy.
Your other man.

Oh baby,
Why do you make daddy feel this way?
Don’t I take good care of you?
Don’t I give you good love?
Good orgasm.
And all your heart wants for.

Why baby.


And THIS is modern relationship.

But there is NOTHING new about it.

If we go back in time,
We find tales of true love and connection.
We find tales of authentic loving.

And then,
We find the selling off of daughters to kings and princess to make peace. To secure the lands. To gain protection or finances.
And we see families throughout time doing the same with other families for a certain amount of cattle or swine.
We see fathers handing off daughters with a dawery of plenty and telling his daughter to honor the family and do what is needed.

And today….
Today we have sugar daddies,
Sugar babies,
And trophy wives.

Different names.
Same vibe.
Today there are still families selling thier children off for all the same reasons they did in the past,
But what we see more so is the self prostitution that so many women are doing.
We see young women being sugar babies or trophy wives to men older than their fathers.

And we see women of all ages and backgrounds prostituting themselves to maintain a certain lifestyle.
The house.
The car.
The travel.
All the girly desires of hair, nails, eyelashes, tans, shoes, jewels, clothes.

And in return for all of this,
They offer thier bodies for tribute.

They rape themselves and close thier heart to love,
To truly feeling.
And they close themselves off to thier truth.

Both parties say, ” I love you.”
Both parties build lives around this mirage.
And both parties are typically shocked when the relationship crashes or when a partner cheats.

They cannot believe that thier partner would do such a thing.

But here is the thing….
There was NEVER LOVE there.
It was a relationship mirage based on the selling of a body to bring pleasure to one and to provide safety and luxury to the other.

the whole relationship was based daily on transaction.

Not love.
Might sound crazy.
But the majority of relationships today are just this.

Not love.
And authentic relating….lol, not a thing.
These couples truly believe they are friends with thier partners,
These couples believe that they are healthy and happy even,
But at the end of the day,
There is a drastic void in thier life.

They know they are not desired.
They know they are not in love.
They know that its all fake.
And they carry on,
Because believe that’s all they are worth.
That they have to sell themselves or buy another in order to have the life picture or the sex, the family that they picture.

Silly right?
If one could love self enough,
Value self enough,
And know at ones core thier worthiness,
Then they would feel far more confident in seeking for something true.
Something real and authentic.
A relationship of INTEGRITY.

But that too hard for most.
And maybe you are among the most.
Maybe you are one side or the other of the buying and selling of body and sex,
And maybe you feel that void.
Maybe you crave for integrity and love.
And you know what?


but you must check yourself first and know that your actions reveal your truth.

So how are you loving you?
How are you leaning into the vulnerable place of integrity in your life? Your loving? Your sex?

And are you truly ready to start saying f-ck yes to authentic relating. To you?

Now is happening.
Life is happening.
Its time baby.

To let ho of your fear of not being good enough,
Or of being too much.
And to step up in confidence and say,




And As Always
Stop Existing & Start Living
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