Moments of disconnection from our truth can be powerful teachers if we allow them to be.
Our egos often lead us to believe in separateness, triggering feelings of isolation, heartache, and self-doubt.
Yet, in moments of inspiration and love, we recognize this as an illusion. How can we hold onto this awareness when everything seems to crumble?
Recently, I found myself grappling with integrating a significant personal expansion experience. It felt like doors kept closing, blocking the opportunities I longed for, leaving me in a void of self-doubt and rejection.
In the past, this might have led to a downward spiral. But this time, I saw it as a testament to my evolution.
Here’s what I did:
🌀Reframed: I shifted my perspective, choosing to view my upcoming commitments as a reflection of the abundant love and support in my life. It felt challenging initially, but with practice, it became a belief I embraced.
🌀Supported Others: Serving others through my work reminded me of the power of giving love, even when I struggled to give it to myself. Responding to my clients’ needs not only helped them but also fueled a sense of purpose within me.
🌀Took a Break: I allowed myself a pause—a chance to reconnect with my heart. For me, immersing in music and movement is powerful. Yesterday, I found myself resting after packing a bunch of boxes in preparation for our soon to happen move listening to Alison Krauss, “When You Say Nothing at All” to be the balm for my heart and revitalizing to my spirit, reminding me of life’s miraculous nature.
These steps didn’t magically fix everything, but perhaps that’s not always the goal. Sometimes, it’s about moving forward, acknowledging the gift of being alive, and finding renewal in small moments.
Remember, it’s in these small, mindful moments that we rekindle our zest for life. As we navigate tough days, reminding ourselves of life’s value can bring forth joy, lightness, and connection.
In the words of my mentor: ‘The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.’
Let’s commit to finding inspiration and purpose in every moment, no matter how challenging it may seem.
📣📣Where are you feeling disconnected in life? What are some things that you can put into practice RIGHT NOW to feel into your heart again and see the beauty instead of the fear in your life?
Share your thoughts in the comments now.
As always loving you from here.