What if you could not manifest the life you wanted because you were causing resistance through your forced positive thinking?

You see, what we label as “negative” thinking is essentially dwelling on the shadow. It’s when your mind struggles to appreciate the beauty of the present moment and instinctively seeks escape. Positive thinking, on the other hand, often leads both your body and mind to disregard the present, catapulting you into an envisioned future.

Contrary to common belief, fear isn’t confined to “negative” thinking alone. Employing “positive” thinking to sidestep the current reality also signals an underlying, unconscious fear. It’s a subtle act of pretending challenges don’t exist and projecting into a future you desire. The catch, however, lies in the realization that neglecting the present stifles the energy needed to materialize your aspirations. Despite the allure of positive thinking, it proves futile when fear of the present propels you there. The transformative power lies in being fully present — in body and mind.

Utilize the present as a catalyst for forward creation. Through the current moment, you activate your mind’s capacity to peer into the future and align with your heart’s desires.

Rather than fixating on or evading things, immerse yourself in the now and discern its relevance to your future. On arriving in the present, you might encounter some discomfort. The key is acknowledging its existence and embracing it.

Welcoming the unpleasant aspects of the present enables healing and sets the stage for future creation. In simpler terms, you can shape your destiny by creating from the here and now.

To achieve this, recognize and heal any past wounds triggering fear. Wholeheartedly embracing the present brings these wounds to the surface, initiating the journey toward their resolution. Consequently, your mind ceases to dwell, naturally gravitating towards thoughts that are healthy, loving, and beneficial.

In this mental space, everything occurring in the present finds its place, and you begin to understand its connection to the future you’re actively shaping.

The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza

DROP what you feel you need to be thinking and how it takes you out of the present moment in the comments below.

As always loving you from here.

Rene Schooler

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