Craig and I are savoring another New Year in Colorado, this time accompanied by the boys. Our recent trip to Pikes Peak offered a breathtaking winter wonderland — a landscape draped in fresh snow, where people reveled in sled rides and snowball fights.

As I stood there, feeling the crisp winter wind on my skin, embraced by my partner, overlooking the vast valley beneath the peak, the universe seemed to convey a profound message.

In the shadow of Pikes Peak, with its towering presence blocking the warm sun, amidst the snowy breeze, we felt limitless, grounded, strong, and deeply in love with life. Our clarity on what we wanted and the chosen path became our guiding light. The miles stretching ahead of the mountain mirrored our future — sunstruck, warm, and bright.

This experience triggered a powerful reminder:

You cannot always pre-map out the journey. Great things often come unexpectedly. However, you will always get what you believe is yours.

If you believe your possibilities are limitless, they are. If you believe you are surrounded by love, you are. If you believe you can live a life of abundance, adventure, and joy, you can.

The problem arises when we choose to own our worst nightmares, focusing on what we lack and accepting it as our reality. We purchase this version of life instead of claiming what our souls truly hunger for.

This reality feels so true, doesn’t it? You might insist that certain challenges weren’t part of your plan — standing without great love, facing financial struggles, dealing with health issues, or enduring relationship stress. However, the reality is that you are inadvertently seeking these challenges.

The current times have highlighted how many people readily embrace a victim status. Some eagerly claim illness or blame the economy for financial hardships, relationship stress, weight gain, poor eating habits, and sluggishness.

Well, if your hidden agenda is to be a victim, then guess what, love? You will be a MF victim.

And you’ll remain in the shadow of life, watching others thrive, because you’ve planned to be limited by life. You’ll be a spectator rather than an active participant in a life filled with possibilities.

You Expect to Be Limited.

You’ll only ever get as far as you plan, or you could open up those plans to the possibilities that you are, in fact, limitless — unless that idea scares you too much.

Because embracing your limitless potential might require you to step out of the herd, to grow a pair, to dig deeper inside yourself than ever before, and to confront your inner demons holding you back.

You can continue down your planned path, step by step, preparing for worst-case scenarios and standing guard. You can pick up your armor and be ready to battle life at every perceived turn. And that might not be bad if your life goal is to survive long enough to look back at an empty path where you retreated from anything that challenged you to expand.

The majority of folks get by like that — they get by. They sit in the land of spectatorship, wishing for more, questioning why others create, have, and do. They don’t feel fulfilled, seen, or truly loved.


You could do something a bit differently. Step out of the crowd, realize the radiant glory in the valley before you is yours for the taking. It requires a higher perspective on life, tapping into your truth, and having the courage to say, “F-ck Yes! To You.”

This isn’t average and ordinary living. What I’m proclaiming, and believe is our right as humans, is to live limitless and thrive — that we are each worthy beyond measure of just that. Our dreams and desires are rightfully ours, and they’re there for the taking.

They WILL REQUIRE us to become a match to them.

They will require that we step out of our comfort zones, expand, and open ourselves up to our limitlessness. They will require that we know what we want.

The courage to gain all that we want and feel that depth and level of fulfillment will only come when we stop standing in the way of our own sunshine, as Waldo Emerson said.

Because the reality is that most of the mountains we believe are blocking our path and our great plans are only us standing in our own sunshine.

Time to set yourself free, baby. Time to know your truth.

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As always loving you from here,

Rene Schooler