Gazing into his steal blue eyes,

tears streaming from his and mine alike.

We were caught in this moment. It was a timeless replay of memories. Ones that we didn’t know existed but felt deep into the very core of our beings.

There we were once again in love, in war, together and fearing the loss of one another.

As I stared deeper into his soul I was taken to a time when we were not who we were in this current moment.

My chest started to ach as though a spear had punchered it.

My breath quickened and I wanted to just move closer to him.

I could feel the storm of a warring nation around us, I could feel the fear of what was to come.

I could feel the penetration of his love from so many lifetimes ago, here now in this moment.

And I could feel our joint pain and suffering. This space between us did not even exist.

My hand wanted to reach out to that spot on his chest that I knew he had tried to protect me with.

That spot where we became one and lost each other in the same moment.

Where the spear had cursed through the bone, through his being and into me.

I could feel him holding me,

his tears streaming down.

His apology that he could not save me.

Save us.

And I thought to myself as I came back to this current moment,

still locked in his loving gaze,


“We will not lose one another in this war that is about us. We will not. Our destiny does not have to be replayed through our lifetimes. No matter how many a tale we have that supports, today here in this moment, in this lifetime, in this love we can just become one. We can make love and we can unit. We can hold each other without the fear. Without the regrets. And we can let go of the pain of a thousand years.”


I realized that everything that we are moving through is us healing our past lives (and perhaps you don’t believe in such things, but I do and could share many an intriguing story that may change your mind.)

The karmic debt of then,

that must be washed away.

The recognition of our souls and the uniting of our paths.

We are here today in this moment,

entwined in each others arms and souls,

because we are meant to be one.


The unity of a soulmate,

a twinflame,

where opportunities throughout lifetimes were lost,

but here and now,

they exist.

And it is our expansion in self,

our learning of our hearts,

our recognizing of our egos,

and the letting go of what has held us back from each other,

that we are here to fully take hold of.

To fully learn from.


The concept of becoming one,

the ceremony of marriage is to create this timeless bond,

the coming together before God is to strengthen it.

However the reality is that the majority of marriage,

unity is not true.

It is a forced unity where we commit to someone based on resumes, looks, and ideas.

Where society, family, and friends all tell us that this is good and this is bad, choose him/her or heck no don’t get with them.

And so often we follow the call of others,

so often we base our lives, our commitments and our very marriages on these things that do not create unity.

We choose to ignore our hearts.

We choose to turn away from our intuition,

and we make what we feel are “wise choices” in our lifemates,

only to find ourselves a few steps down the path of the relationship wanting for something more.

Wishing that we had listened to our hearts call that would have taken us another direction,

wondering if we missed that true love.

That soulmate.

But justifying our choices because of society, family, friends, property, safety, religion, etc.

And sacrificing our happiness.

Sacrificing our truth.


Here is where so many a marriage resides and what I believe is a culprit to so much unhappiness in the relationship.

When we choose to disregard all those outside influences,

when we choose to look past the resumes, the looks and the ideas of what it should or should not be and just slow down and listen to our intuition with someone,

We are blessed with our truth and what spirit wants us to know about the path with any relationship.

As a society we have trained trust in our gut feelings out of ourselves.

We have brainwashed ourselves to not take heed to our hearts guidance or to how someone makes us feel.

We ignore those soft little nudges that something is wrong in a relationship as well as ignoring or even fearing when something feels so perfect.


If you ever wondered what makes a happy couple happy?

What makes some people stick?

What is the secret to having that storybook romance for a lifetime,  where you are turned on, tapped in and fully engaged at all levels of life with someone?

Well here is your answer.


When our souls meet another they KNOW if they are a yes or a no to that other soul.

If we are wanting to find “THE ONE” then it is our mission to listen.


To our hearts guidance.

To our intuition.

To the soft nudges from our core.


And it is our responsibility in love to know that although others may have all the best intentions for us and our lives,

that they cannot feel what aligned to our soul for us.


Therefore they have no place trying to direct our path.


Love respects the path.

Love yourself,  love your family and friends.

Listen to your soul and mind your tongue with others.


As Always,

Stop Existing & Start Living

“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”


Ready to call in “THE ONE”?

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