Life is one of the funniest, scariest, most exciting adventures you will ever get to travel through.

Its also one of the most complex, dramatic movie sets that you will ever venture onto.

As well as one of the most educational schools that you can ever attend.

You gotta have it!
You cannot escape it.
You cannot avoid it.
We love life.
We hate life.
We are bored with life.
And we lose our lives each day.

And yet we keep breathing. 
We keep dancing with all the things that steal life from us.

You know what I mean.
You know what you do to avoid life.

Yes the alcohol.
The drugs.
The pharmaceuticals. 
The addictions to sex, to gambling, to work, to anything that can occupy the mind so that life can be stolen.

And then you find yourself not able to look in the mirror, 
you find yourself still not numb enough to your suffering. 
And you question, 
you question all that you do, 
and what the point of this thing called life really is.

You look around, 
and sure you have the house, the car, maybe even the family and the body. 
You may have retirement taken care of and be debt free.
But something is missing.
Something is lacking.
There is this void, 
deep inside of your being.

The thought of exploring what is the cause of this feeling terrifies you.

I get it.
I do.
I too have spent countless hours avoiding this void.
Avoiding my emotions, 
my fears.

Sitting in what felt like the loneliest of spaces, 
while my family and friends scurried around me.

I was far from alone.
And yet there I was lonely.
Fearful of my future.
And lost within myself.

In life we sometimes find ourselves in these spaces, 
where life just does not seem to be offering us what we want.

Instead we consistently get experiences that we do not desire. 
And we ask, 
we ask the time old question of “Why?”

The answer is one that we have a tough time wrapping our head around. 
It is a concept that we may logically get, 
we may be able to scientifically support, 
historically support, 
and may have even experienced from time to time.
But even with all of that, 
we miss the reality of it.

The reality that we are focused on our lack of happiness.
We are focused on the scarcity of love, of connection and authenticity in our lives. 
We are focused on all that we do not have and how poorly we feel.

And with this more evidence through our life experiences and the people that come into our story lines show up.

It is inevitable really.

And we just keep doing more of it. 
All the while insisting that we are not. 
Blind to our own illness, 
our own addiction to suffering and our pain body, 
we remain trapped in the vicious cycle of small splashes of joy followed up with long periods of suffering.

And we tell ourselves that we had that coming.
That we should have known better, 
that if its too good to be true than it most likely is.
We tell ourselves that we have bad luck, 
that people suck.
That love is not real.
We tell ourselves that no one can be happy all the time, 
and that we are not good enough. 
That we are too much to handle.

And the cycle continues.

We say all of these things to ourselves constantly even when we are trying to be positive.

How is this the case you may ask?
Why would someone speak such illness into their lives if they knew that they could manifest their dreams with the same voice that they create their nightmares?

Look at your words luv.
Look at how you speak to yourself.
Look at what you say.

” I can’t afford that.”
“That cost too much.”
” I am sick and tired.”
“This always happens to me.”
“Someday I will have that, maybe.”
“Money is coming to me.”
“My prince charming is somewhere out there.”
“In May I will do…..”
“I am working at having…”
” I am hoping to get this done by….”

These and so many more statements are commonplace internal conversation. And we even speak them to our friends and family, even strangers.

The words I hope.
I am praying for.
My goals are.


They all focus on the not having.
They bring the attention to our future not having and we emotionalize them from our current state of not having and attach to the void.

And here is more nightmare painting.
All scarcity focused.
Fear based.
Feel what comes inside of you when you speak of the life that you want.
Does it feel good?
Do you get excited?
Turned on?
Or is there still a current of fear, doubt, bullshit calling on yourself that resides under the excitement.

That feeling of hope is tainted with doubt is it not?
yes it is.

And this my sweet is the very reason that you are challenged in your having.

This is why the evidence of not having keeps presenting itself to you.

This is why you manifest and then stop.
the sabotage is an inside game, 
caused by your emotionalized thoughts.

But there is a solution.
There is a way to take charge of your thoughts, 
of your feelings. 
And maintain the flow of blessings into your life. 
It’s call consciousness.
It’s called getting aligned to soul
and shutting up all that monkey brain chatter of your ego, 
and instead turning your focus to your desire. 
And to what truly makes you feel good at your core.

The answer is in finding stillness.
Stillness within yourself, 
just for 15 minutes a day.

Here in the space of nothing, 
where you learn how to remain present, 
how to listen to your soul messages, 
how to step forward into your authentic self, 
is the land of the living.

And remember I started this whole little speech on life.
So if you are wanting to start living again, 
or maybe for the first time ever, 
then it is time for you to learn about the power of your own inner world of silence. 
The world where miracles happen, 
where magic occurs daily.
Where revelations are abound, 
and your truth is present.
Here in this land, if you dare journey into it is the path, 
the path that you have been looking for my luv.

Your path to home.
To self discovery, 
self-love and acceptance.
Your path to not just imagining your dreams but living them.

As always, 
Stop Existing & Start Living

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