Hey there, incredible learners and laughter enthusiasts! 🌟 My workshops and in session moments have turned into a treasure trove of hilarious gems, thanks to all of you sharing your priceless moments! and some of you that have just made me scratch my head at the moment? 😂💬
Today I taught an amazing workshop with some most incredible souls, ” Exploring Erotic Connection Satang”, and I will say, that no one made my laughter echoes list…
but through the last almost two decades of teaching classes I have heard some pretty humorous things that I am going to share some here today with you…
🎈 From “I thought mindfulness was a new kind of donut” to “Trying to meditate while my cat attempts yoga on my mat – chaos enlightenment, anyone?” – your witty comments are the highlight of our sessions! 🧘‍♀️🐱
And then there are the comments…
yes, the comments that you can’t believe someone has shared…
Now, it’s time to relive those uproarious moments and spread the humor! 🤩
Workshop Comments:
“I am so disappointed with this workshop. You did not arouse me or excite me, it was way to educational.” said one participant to my Summer “O” Camp that was sold as an educational sex-ed class.
“I hate messy sex; sex needs to be neat and tidy. I can’t believe that you want us to believe that sex is messy and that’s normal. Yuck!” said a participant to a Taco Delight Class teaching female sex and pleasure how-too’s.
Then there are the downright funny statements that share more than what anyone realizes that they do…
“I’ve been single so long; my bed is basically my soulmate now.”
“The closest thing to a threesome in my life is me, my partner, and a pizza!”
“Trying to master communication in bed is like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded – challenging, and in the end, you wonder if it’s worth the effort!”
“They say patience is a virtue, but waiting for your partner to assemble furniture from a certain Swedish store? That’s a whole new level, but it’s equivalate to how you feel when he’s trying to figure out your clit…”
“WAIT!!! WHAT???? women need how long to have an orgasm?”
“Every woman I have been with has always had an orgasm. I am a walking “O” machine!!!”
“Assumed consent – its why I got married!”
In Session Comments:
Clients who wanted more than coaching…LOL
“You know what would make this coaching session better? You giving me a blow job.”
“Why won’t you have sex with me? It will only take a second.”
Clients getting REAL with their situations…
“Our dog gets more cuddle time on the bed than I do. I think I’ve been demoted in the hierarchy!”
“I suggested trying a new position, and my partner thought I was talking about rearranging the furniture!”
“My partner sent me a ‘sexy’ voice message, but Siri decided to transcribe it into a grocery list. The shopping trip was definitely steamier than expected!”
“How could you tell I am cheating on my husband? OMFG! Can he see what you do?”
I love people!
I love working with people.
I love teaching workshops and educational event.
Truly, y’all put a smile on my face and MOST of the time not because of some humorous statement, however that does add some sugar to the pot.
Nah, really, people make me laugh.
I find people watching and listening a massive part of life’s joy and truly inspirational and educational as to what makes us humans tick?
Why we think and feel the way that we do?
What our concerns, wants, fear and desires are?
And how so often we simply just DO NOT understand the “WHY” we cannot have those things or why others play a role in those things manifesting the way that we desire.
The moments that people’s “flaws” “fears” and “desires” that may seem silly or questionable come out…
the times that the realness of another being is actually expressed, with ALL the quirks revealed…
THESE are the moments that I fall in love with humanity a tad bit more.
Even when it triggers the f-ck out me!
I really need to learn Yiddish though… so I can say things that may not be politically correct or nice without offending…
…and maybe I will do that next year????😂
But right now, I’d love to hear some of your funniest quotes you’ve ever heard during an event or gathering or even 1:1 in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the power of laughter and learning together! 🙌🎊
And remember, your sense of humor adds a spark to all of our lives’ that’s truly unforgettable. Stay tuned for more giggles, wisdom, and inspiration coming your way! 🌈🎓 #WorkshopWonders #LaughterUnites#blupers #people #humor #relationships #seminar #workshops2023 #lovecoach #clientsatisfaction #funnythings #datinghumor