There is a ton of talk about sovereignty and remaining independent while in a relationship/marriage.
But this often translates to something that it most certainly should not be…
Deception. Lack of Integrity. Lack of intimacy.
All under the guise of independence.
Never make your partner play detective.
Your spouse should be privy to everything.
Always maintain openness, transparency, and constant accessibility.
Keep your commitments and if the unexpected occurs, communicate promptly with your spouse.
If you’re contemplating something that might unsettle your partner, reconsider your actions.
If there’s a friendship or relationship you can’t share with your spouse, it shouldn’t exist.
If anything on your phone is off-limits to your spouse, it shouldn’t be there in the first place.
Calls or messages that you hide from your spouse shouldn’t even come through; block those numbers.
There’s no room for secrecy in a relationship. Grant your spouse unrestricted access to your life.
Bear in mind that…
Transparency forms the bedrock of profound intimacy.
and if you cannot be transparent with your spouse…
then maybe you should reconsider the relationship to begin with plus your wounding that remains unhealed.
Transparency is hard work.
Trust is hard work.
Being in a healthy, loving, safe relationship that supports both people is hard work that requires daily maintenance and surrender to each other.
As always,
Loving you from here.
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