Imagine a world where you couldn’t f-ck things up, where your actions flowed from authenticity.

What would you say?

How would you present yourself?

Consider a space where it’s entirely safe to trust your desires.

What would you ask for?

How might you open yourself to receiving?

Now, picture a reality where success isn’t external but an innate part of you waiting to be activated.

If you knew you had all you needed within, how would you step into that power?

Envision a scenario where people are ready to hear your voice.

How would you lead in a way that feels divinely inspired?

Often, we push ourselves through transformation, forcing change and efforting our way to success. Yet, this can lead to shame, guilt, and frustration when things don’t progress as quickly as we think they should.

As we expand, our protectors come online, urging us to control and protect. They’ve served us well, keeping us safe, but it’s time to allow ease to forgive, surrender, and release control.

Now is the moment to release playing small, waiting, or holding back. Step out of the ‘when, then’ game. Surrender, go all in, and trust the process.

Every decision to face fear and step into the unknown propels us to the next level. It may not always be easy, but it’s transformative.

Your desires, your truth, are in your field for a reason. Pursue them. Forget the rules, the “shoulds,” the doubts.

You are worthy now, and your people are waiting for you.

The love of your life.

The health.

The wealth.

The friends.

The life.

It’s all there just waiting for YOU love!!!

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Rene’ Schooler