Things I’ve been told about myself by other people:
▶️ I’m too focused on my business
▶️ I’m not focused enough on my business
▶️ I’m greedy for placing enough value on myself and my businesses to ask for money
▶️ I put too much focus on my relationship with Craig
▶️ I’m not a good mother
▶️ I’m too insecure
▶️ I’m too European
▶️ I’m too focused on prioritizing my sex
▶️ I’m too flirty
▶️ I’m a slut
▶️ I’m too “whoo-whoo” believing in energy and the law of attraction, angels and the quantum world
▶️ I’m too serious and not adventurous enough
▶️ I’m crazy
▶️ I’m a gaslighter, narcissist and an evil bitch
▶️ I’m too wounded
▶️ I’m too pretty and that’s why life is easy for me
▶️ I’m too old and not pretty enough, how dare I act the way that I do
▶️ I’m a “scammer” for following my heart and desires and pursuing new goals and challenges
▶️ I’m not spiritual nor do I believe in God or Christ
▶️ I’m the devil
▶️ I’m too stupid, naive and silly
▶️ I’m too serious and don’t know how to cut loose and have fun
▶️ I’m fake
▶️ I need to use a grammar editor and spell check to be taken seriously and a professional
▶️ I have too many tattoos to be considered professional
▶️ It’s not possible for me to earn a great income AND care about helping people at the same time
▶️ I’m too “emotional” and can’t take the feelings out of business, so therefore I’m a bad business owner and coach
▶️ I have too many children
▶️ I’m too prolific
The list could go on and on.
It’s a list of judgement, of other people’s opinions, and a list that has held me back in the not-so-distant past.
I’m sure you have a list too.
No wonder we get confused and sometimes lost, as entrepreneurs, as parents, spouses, as friends and as humans.
When you step into entrepreneurship, you subject yourself to visibility, to judgement, to standing for something that not everyone will like.
This is why knowing what you stand for is everything. This is why having a strong voice is absolutely crucial. This is why focusing on connecting to only those who wish to feel the positive impact of how YOU were put on this earth to change their lives is what matters most.
And the same is true in our LOVE LIFE and in our parenting, friendships and health.
Anything that we dare to be bold about and to go against the grain on will create judgements from those that perceive us as wrong.
Or if us being us causes them to see ALL the things that they are not doing for themselves all the more.
Yes, today is my 47th birthday.
Today instead of creating my typical Sunday gratitude share, I find myself looking at all the things that I have been told through the years.
And how I have allowed these things to hold me back.
To hurt my heart.
And that I have even somehow believed of myself at different points because others are insistently yelling these judgements at me.
And here I am today, in gratitude for ALL these judgements and criticisms.
Because they show me my truth.
They build my strength.
They keep me aware.
And they help me stay motivated to always do better.
As my youngest two son’s like to chant, “Never give up, never back down.”
Knowing our WHY means everything.
And it is so challenging to face the demons and naysayers of the world who don’t want you to have your dreams or think well of yourself.
That want to keep you down.
Keep you average and ordinary,
even though there is greatness in your veins.
Yes, this is 47.
47 years of walking a different path.
And damn grateful I have.
In gratitude for YOU.
Loving you from here,
Stop Existing & Start Living