Standing in who you authentically are and living in that truth each day is the most courageous thing any being can do in life. -KW

What is Authentic Living?

A: Being yourself without compromise.
“I have been asked what is Authentic Living many times already. I’ve been asked to explain what it is and what we do. I always answer the person asking with this. **What does your authentic life look like? What are you doing now that gives yourself permission to be authentic?** After all that is what we strive to do here. Be the permission for people to figure out what their authentic life looks like, feels like, sounds like. By using all the tools we have available to us we work with our clients to uncover their authentic life.

Each person’s authentic life is different and that’s the beauty of it. We are working with the clients basic needs, wants and desires to uncover what it is that will allow them to have more authentic communication with themselves and others. To find what you are truly passionate about and how to live life the way you want to. Once we uncover the passion we work together to develop a plan to remove any blockages or challenges to allow the client to make lasting changes in their life. “ (Scott Beauregard, founder of Authentic Living and Strategic Intervention Specialist )

In our world there are so many voices telling us who we should be or what we should do. Society pushes through media and other resources an illusion of what success is and tell’s us that there are limited ways of achieving it.

We are told that we should follow our dreams when we are young but as soon as we come of a certain age we then wake up to having our dreams burst by those we love and respect the most and instead are told that dreaming is for fools. We are told not to follow our bliss but instead to follow the tried and true path that someone else has set out before us.

Do as they do. Walk the path that is most trodden. DO NOT be uniquely YOU.

Fear is planted and shame for hungerly wanting to live authentic, unbound and free is supported in all streams of relating around us. We look out into the world and we idolize those who appear to be living the unbound life with purpose but we cower and hang our own heads as we look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are not good enough and should not want this for ourselves.

Living authentic and on purpose is for the ‘special’ people of the world.

Well folks, I for one have something important to share with you. It takes great courage to stand in your truth and be authentic in your life. It may be the hardest thing any being will ever do in their lives. It may make you sick to your stomach on some days and you may question if you can survive your fear.

To be your authentic self fully is a measure of real success. Not the size of your house, what kind of car you drive or what college you graduated from. In the end no one is going to care how many certificates you have hanging on your wall. Your great grandchildren will not give a damn about what school or even the title you earned at work, what they will want to know is “what kind of person was granny or grandpa?” “Did they live life to the fullest? Did they love to the fullest?”

In order to transcend the conditioning that you have been raised with, you have to learn how to let go of the persona you know to be you. You have to release your past, step out of the victim mindset, and WANT to stand firmly in your POWER.

“One of the most devastating things you can do is betray yourself.” -KW

There reaches a point in our lives when living anything less than the bigness of who we really are is no longer an option. It’s just too painful to pretend to be someone that we aren’t, to try and fit into others expectations and continue to play small.

Is this that time for you?

STOP betraying yourself and CLAIM your epic life today!

If you are ready, you will simply know.

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