Just have more sex!

Ladies don’t you love it when your man thinks that quantity is where it is at?
That if he just hit’s it harder, faster and deeper that THIS will solve all the issues in your relationship?
If you just spread your legs more frequently, and let him pump away or rode him like a cowgirl that all the newly wed bliss would come back.
That is the answer.
Just have more sex.
Just have more sex.
Just have more sex.
There is a lot of theory around this topic.
Over the last decade of educating and coaching on sex I have heard so many sex and relationship coaches, therapists and doctors express that MORE sex is a good thing.
That MORE sex can solve so many issues.
That MORE sex is healthy for the body and the mind.
The thought is based that if a couple is not having sex that this is going to pull away from their intimacy.
It will kill their desire and the physical body will thus start to starve from the much needed chemical releases that happen in our sexing, plus the over all health benefits from muscular to hormonal.
And you know what?
Sex is an amazing thing. It is extremely beneficial for us humans in ALL ways.
Sex is healing.
But here is the issue that I have with the above statement,
“Just have more sex.”
Here is the thing for us women.
Having sex is easy.
Most of us can get laid pretty damn easily and quickly without putting to much effort into finding a willing partner.
However that would only mean that we are getting dicked a lot NOT that we are actually having “good” sex.
It most certainly does not mean that we are having any orgasms or even climaxes.
It does not mean that we are embodying ourselves.
Being vulnerable, or feeling ANYTHING at all other than the friction of a man’s cock rubbing our vaginal canal.
WHICH is about equivalent to washing the dishes.
So physically and hormonally speaking,
just going to have sex for the sake of having sex is pretty pointless as it does little for us other than rubs on our skin and our muscles some.
In fact, the truth of the matter in these instances is that it makes us feel worse. Can cause us to develop dis-ease in the body that can manifest in many ways such as yeast infections, bladder infections or UTI’s. It can cause depression, anger and moodiness plus female blue balls.
Yes that is a thing.
Having more sex without orgasm leads to female blue balls where we are achy, moody and just pissed off at life.
We women need more than the friction.
More than the physical penetration.
More than just more sex.
Just because a woman is having a lot of sex does not mean she is well f-cked.
No she is more than likely under-f-cked.
If you want to understand that statement read my article
Every time we women have sex that we are not fully engaged in with our WHOLE being we are raping ourselves.
I know that is a harsh statement.
But it is true.
Our vagina’s have memory you could say.
We have positive and negative vaginal experiences.
When we have duty sex.
When our sex is taken from us.
When we say yes and are not 100%.
When we are just having more sex, to have sex.
These all equate to negative vaginal experiences that build up over time and cause our pussies to feel less.
Our hearts to close off.
Our beings to get trapped in a repetitive mind game.
These sort of experiences cause us to become ill.
So if you are just thinking that the answer to your woman’s problem’s, or to your relationship issues or anything of the sort is to
“Just have more sex.”
Well think again.
We women are not wired like men.
Sex is far more than just a physical act.
It is an emotional surrender.
It is a revealing of our deepest selves.
It is an act that requires if done in a healthy, loving, fully engaged way for us to drop down out of our minds, into our bodies and allow ourselves to FEEL.
To be SEEN.
To be FELT.
To be PENETRATED in all ways.
This sort of sexing is what a woman needs more of.
It is NOT about going
or Having more sex.
Or having more partners.
Or more of anything,
Other than our partners attention,
our partners love,
and acceptance to just be.
If our partner is wanting us to perform then he will NEVER see the real us or allow us to experience a true orgasm.
If our partner has some expectation of what we “should” be feeling or acting like, then we will never feel safe enough to surrender and enjoy anything.
It will all be surface level.
It will all be fake.
It will all be nothing more than a taking of our sex.
And sure our partner may be happy because he is getting more sex.
But we women KNOW the truth of this sword.
It is not real.
It will someday drive itself between us and cause too much damage.
Damage to our relationship.
Damage to all future relationships.
Damage to our bodies.
To our emotions.
And damage at a deep soul level.
Because we are not being TRUE.
We are not being HELD.
More sex is great.
we have a partner WILLING to go to the emotional connection,
the giving of physical touch, sensual opening, PLUS the time and presence it takes to help us heal.
To help us open.
To help us surrender.
Other wise it is just a f-ck.
Like a cheap bar pick up f-ck.
Like a paid for f-ck.
No matter who you are with.
Realize that women are not men.
Realize that sex is vulnerable to us women.
Realize that we are not a yes to you just because you are a yes to us.
Realize that what turns you on may not turn us on.
Realize that we require time.
Require attention.
Require a dance in the bedroom and outside of it.
You say you want to give a woman an orgasm?
You say you feel like man when she cum’s for you?
You say that you want her turned on?
You say that you love her?
Is that true?
Is it?

Because if it is you will WAKE the F-ck UP and stop asking for MORE sex.

Instead you will ask for deeper connection.
You will slow the f-ck down and you will become present with her.
You will court her, make love to her 24/7.
This is what she needs.
Not more sex.
And as always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
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