…and Any Man Who Wonders Why He Can’t Attract That High – Value Woman, Or Why She Won’t Just Accept Him for Who He Is.
The other evening Craig and I were watching Bruce Rivers the Criminal Lawyer on his Youtube channel.
First, I gotta say this guy is simply wonderful in many ways from his candidness to his understanding of law and people, all the way to the quality of his videos. Anyway, the topic of this particular video was on Andrew Tate and his matrix of lies and the case that’s coming up this month on him for sex trafficking and coercion of women plus so much more in Romania.
Now, with all the talk about toxic masculinity in our world space, this man, Tate that is, is perhaps the poster child for bombastic toxic masculinity and I believe it says a ton for where men are at in feeling powerless and truly lost by looking at Tates success ratio of getting men to not just pay him for training on how to be a toxic man and “use” women but also on the other side of the coin on how he has made fortunes on these lost men by selling them the affections of women that worked for Tate.
But that’s not the topic of today’s share.
Back to Bruce Rivers the criminal lawyer, in his viewing of the case he had a moment where he stopped everything and said, “Guys if you are in your mom’s basement with Cheeto stained underwear and talking to these girls and thinking they are the real deal and into you, then you got a problem!”
Then he went on to say, “If you are sitting there with Cheeto stained underwear and wondering why you cannot get a real woman who is interested in you then you just need to get off the couch in the basement and clean yourself up, work on yourself and know that there is someone for everyone, but you have to get out of the Cheeto stained underwear and out of your mom’s basement.”
Yep, pretty much!
Being and Insel does not make you a quality man.
So, let’s get into this some.
Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for a dose of reality mixed with a sprinkle of humor. We’ve all heard tales like this of men seeking high-value women while lounging in their moms’ basements, Cheeto stains and all. But let’s get real about why this combo is a recipe for romantic disaster.
Please note that you don’t have to be in your mom’s basement with Cheeto stained underwear for me to shedding some light on romance and love for you today.
I am also speaking to the men out there that are simply frustrated with women saying that they are not high-value enough and believing that the woman is speaking about how much money you have in the bank or what your career path is.
I am also speaking to the men who get angered at women for saying that a man has to earn them or needs to qualify to be in their energy.
I recently read a post by someone on social media that said, “Women don’t care what a man looks like or how good he is as long as he has money to spend on them.” – WOW!!! this is so not true for many women. Granted are there the women, just like more and more men today as well that are what we could call gold-diggers? for sure there are. They have always been a thing and they are not going anywhere, but that’s not who I work with or am talking too.
I am talking to you out there who want real love and partnership.
Understand that relationships are about valuing all aspects of another person and yourself and want to have that love story that turns into a life story.
Now onward with what high-value women want and why they don’t want the Cheeto stained underwear and basement dwellers who cannot seem to get their lives in order and be a real adult, let alone a real man who values himself and her.
High-value women aren’t looking to be someone’s financial and emotional crutch. They seek partners who are self-reliant and ambitious. Sorry, but a basement that doubles as a man-cave doesn’t scream “I’ve got my life together.”
If your idea of a romantic gesture is sharing a bag of Cheetos with your potential partner, you might need a dating reboot. High-value women appreciate effort, creativity, and genuine connection. Cheeto crumbs don’t exactly scream “romantic picnic.”
Let’s face it, appearances matter. High-value women are looking for someone who takes care of themselves and their surroundings. If your wardrobe consists mainly of stained underwear, it’s time to rethink your wardrobe strategy.
On a personal note, here, I absolutely adore when I catch Craig checking himself out in the mirror and making sure that his hair, beard and clothes look good. I love that he is sensitive to scent and consciously wears my favorite cologne that makes me weak in the knees when on him. I don’t find these things vain, but instead him showing pride in himself, just like I do for myself and him in my attention to self.
I’ve been with men who are the reverse and walk around with baggy shorts that are not clean and look like they dumped a load in their pants, yuck! not attractive at all.
High-value women are usually high achievers themselves. They’re drawn to ambition and drive. If your main achievement is conquering the latest video game, well, it might be time to level up your life goals.
Get your life in order sir and have a vision with deadlines and be actively working toward it not just dreaming about it. Dreams are great, but floating through life on just a dream with only luck and hope in your back pocket to achieve it is a bad plan.
Nothing against living with your parents, but high-value women typically value partners who have their own space and can stand on their own two feet. Staying in your mom’s basement can be a deal-breaker in the long run.
High-value women are looking for meaningful conversations and connections. If your main topic of discussion is the latest video game or the best Cheeto flavor, you might struggle to keep her engaged.
High-value women are often looking for real-world connections, not someone who spends 24/7 gaming online. Balancing online life with real-life experiences is crucial in today’s dating and relating world for all of us.
So, if you find yourself in the basement with Cheeto-stained underwear, it’s time for a reality check. 👈High-value women are out there, but they’re looking for partners who bring more to the table than crumbs and game controllers. It’s time to level up, both in life and in love. Who knows, you might just find the high-value partner of your dreams when you step out into the real world and leave those Cheetos behind.
I do believe that there is someone for everyone, and if you are not finding them then its extremely possible that you have not dealt with your own inner chaos, and wounding to the level that is required.
Yes, it’s a requirement of both sexes as adults to deal with all our inner garbage to not just attract a high-value partner but also keep them happily.
Take my advice on this gents, or not!
It’s just your happiness, love life, sex and self-esteem.
So how valuable is that stuff to you anyway?
Gentlemen, if you’ve ever found yourself resonating a bit too much with the Cheeto-stained underwear scenario, it’s time to take action. The path to finding your ideal partner and creating a thriving love life is within your reach.
Consider hiring me as your personal relationship and dating/love coach. I bring humor, wisdom, and practical advice to the table. Together, we’ll work on leveling up your dating game, boosting your confidence, and helping you become the best version of yourself – someone high-value women will be excited to meet.
Don’t let those basement blues hold you back from the love and happiness you deserve. Take the first step, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.
As always, loving you from here.