I just now said yes to a wine date with a man that I have never met.

Some random bloke.

And the funny thing about my YES to this man, 
has nothing to do with his looks. 
Nothing to do with what he has said to me in a phone conversation or in a chat. 
Has nothing to do with his career choice.

My YES to him is all about me.

To make matters even more interesting, 
I am not meeting with him because I need to be wined and dined. 
I am not meeting with him because I desire to have another man in my bed.
I am not meeting with him because I am lonely.
I am not meeting with him because I am hopeful or desiring anything from him.


Yeah. So WHY?
Why say YES to this random bloke, you may ask?

Before I answer this let me share a few things.
And part of my reason is within the tale.

A few years back, about 5 to be exact, I was on Facebook and a man with a logo for his profile reached out to me. 
He simply said hi, started up a conversation that was very simple and then asked if I would like to go to sushi sometime.

It would be his luck that I love sushi. 
He shared that he was going to be in town for a few weeks and was visiting a friend. He asked if I would meet him at what he had no clue was one of my favorite sushi houses. 
Without hesitation I found myself saying YES.

I had no reason to say yes to this man, much like today’s invite.

However I still said yes. 
I was not looking for a new connection of any sort. 
I had plenty of love, sex, orgasm and men in my life. 
Men I had deep intimacy with and connection. (much like today’s invite)
I was not needing courting and I was far from lonely. 
(much like today’s invite)

But I said yes none the less. 
I did not have a clue what this man looked like, 
what his back ground was, 
what his intention was, 
or anything else for the matter.

Here I was one sunny spring day sitting in front of my favorite sushi house. I got there and it was closed. 
So I sat. 
Waiting on this mystery bloke to find me and see where things would lead.

I looked up from my phone and a tall attractive man was walking toward me. I sat there, thinking to myself how yummy this man looked and was instantly turned on, never assuming that this man was the mystery man. 
However he was.

He walked up to me, smiled, asked if I was Kendal. 
He spoke with this amazing English Jamaican accent to boot. 
Oh Lordy, I was in trouble. 
I was lost already to his ways and all he had said was Hello.

I was also f-cking excited at my good luck. 
I mean I was thinking what I was thinking. 🤪😍😈

And so we went to lunch.
We talked. 
And we talked. 
And we talked some more.
We flirted.
And we let the energy do it’s thing.

The tale comes down that a few day’s later I found myself in a very intimate space with this man. Again never assuming that I would find myself here. 
Sorta shocked that he led us there, 

(Mmmmmm….. yes, okay, I am back from those memories now…lol – well sorta 🤣)

Yes the sex was good. 
Yes he was yummy as f-ck. 
But you know what?

Neither of us were there for the sex.
Or the orgasm.

We both had plenty of that going on and did not need it from each other.

We were both there for something more.
It was called SOUL CONNECTION.

And here is the reason I do the things I do. 
Here is why I occasionally say YES to some random bloke.


This story ends with floods of orgasm.
With me learning how to squirt.
With me accessing parts of myself I did not know existed. 
It was healing, opening and magical plus I made a new friend.
And I believe that due to this random meeting I was opened up to other relations that I currently have.

One door opening may not keep you in the room that you walk into, 
but it will most certainly lead you into a new wing of your life, 
if you allow it too.

And here is why I do the things that I do.

I have no clue where this wine date will take me.
I have no expectation either. 
I am just open to see what the messages are that get shared and know that if it is only to stoke a thought, 
that may get a beautiful article stirred in me, 
or an idea for a vlog or a training course, 
or that perhaps I am going not even for that (although something is always birthed from a meeting), 
I may be going to share a message for this man. 
Something that he has needed to hear. 
Something that he has needed to be awakened too.

Perhaps, through this meeting he will open to an aspect of himself that will allow for him to heal a part of himself that will help lead him to his joy, his happiness or his forever more.

I do not know. 
And many things are not for us to know.

Sh*t he could just be an a*shole too….???

As we step along our life path, we often get caught up in the idea that we need to see the whole map, 
and we miss the steps we are taking and the beauty and lessons from those steps.

Life is about the journey. 
And the destination will only be as good as we allow the journey to be.

So why hold expectations. 
Why question and need answers that are not there for our current understanding.

There is never a reason to over think something. 
Overthinking will only lead to ego based drama creation.

When operating with SOUL ALIGNMENT, 
we often find that our paths will merge if but only for a split second with a stranger, 
just some random bloke you could say.

Some random bloke that shares a message. 
Some random bloke that shifts your sh*t, 
stirs your mind, 
or makes you aware.

Yes these are nothing more 
and nothing less, 

So stop being so afraid of strangers. 
Exit this world of stranger danger, 
where fear holds you from sharing a moment with someone, 
where fear holds you from meeting a new friend, 
where fear prevents you from saying YES, 
because your yes may not seem logical.

Stay aware. 
Stay open. 
Stay adventurous.

And you may just find that the only rubbish, 
is the rubbish of nonsense that you cannot share a moment just because it has presented itself.

Some of the best experiences are not planned, 
and come from left field.

They are not expected and do not hold expectations. 
They are but just a moment. 
A perfect moment of SOUL CONNECTION that will lead you to that next step, 
that next thoughts, 
that next awe-ha!

As Always, 
“Stop Existing & Start Living”

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