I give myself permission to live my best life NOW.

The best is not coming.
The best is right here with me now because I allow myself to recieve it now.

This may sound simple
It may sound like something that you believe you already do,
However I assure you that you most likely do not.
And here is why I assure it.

Look at your life right now in this moment.
Is it everything that you desire it to be?
Does it provide you with the feeling you want consistently or are you feeling lost, in a void, empty, hungry, etc?

Are you truly happy with the life you have right now?

If you are not, then the honest truth is that you have constricted yourself and have made your ability to recieve to small of a channel for the life you want to manifest through.

You are shutting yourself off from your blessings by:
–> trying to get it all correct before you feel you are ready to recieve
–> trying to be fully healed before you are ready to recieve
–> worrying about not being enough
–> worrying about being to much
–> thinking that you need to have all your ducks lined up before you can recieve
–> thinking that you need to earn it
–> believing you need to prove yourself
–> consistently looking for the evidence of your desires life not to show up… focusing on the void of it not being there
–> keeping a timeline or calendar on how long it’s taking

None of these above things are giving yourself permission to open up to life that you desire.
None of these things are about allowing blessing to flow to you.

They are all about constriction.
About putting a cap on how, when and to what limit you can recieve instead of opening up the flood gates.

Yet you claim to want it all.
You talk the big game about making the changes,
Doing the work,
And tapping into flow

But you still have not gotten it baby

You still hinder yourself by trying so hard to direct everything and this freaking resistance you show by demanding yourself to be some sort of perfect before you will allow yourself to actually live your desired life is sheer stupidity if you ask me…

But there you go anyway.

And to make matters worse,
You believe that you should restrict all blessing in as many ways as you can fathom to keep proving to yourself that there is still more work to do, more healing to get, more proving you can before you can even accept small tastings of the life you desire.

You know why this is so effing bad?
Because one of the quickest ways to manifest the life you want is to give yourself permission to try sample bites of the things you want so you have the flavor of it in your mouth.
When we sample something we can better describe it.
We can always go back to the feeling of it.
We have an emotional response to it and therefore we can reattach to its energy and call that item in quickly.

But we have to attach to the feeling of having it NOT the reverse,
Which is what you most likely typically do.
I know you do.
Because if it’s not with you right now,
If you are not happy right now,
Then you are focusing on not having it.

And one more thing…
Whatever your norm is,
Is what you will continue to attract

If you want to change that norm,
Then you need to consistently sample new bits of life.
Of pleasure.
Of blessing.
And allow yourself to get comfortable with what you say you want.

I challenge you today to look at where you are not allowing yourself the permission to have the life you want.

I challenge you to inquire with self as to why you are choosing to not give yourself permission?

What do you fear about saying yes to your dreams?

And As Always,
Stop Existing & Start Living
“Coaching for Grown A*s Believers”

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