I am no effing better than you.

So why do you claim that I am?

Why are you sitting there saying,

“Well if I was like you then I could do this or that, but I am not. I cannot do it.”

Why do you want to own that bullsh*t?
Because that is what it is. All Bullsh*t!

You know it too.

I am not better than you.

I am not smarter than you.

I am not more creative than you.

I am nothing more than you.


I believe that I can.

And just like the kids story of the little train that thought it could, I am that train.

I believe that I can and so I do.
Any one of us can be the train though. You can chug your way up that mountain,

you can overcome those obstacles.

You can create the life of your mother f-cking dreams!
But it all starts with your thoughts.
And if what I hear coming out of your mouth is any clue as to what is bouncing around in that pretty little head of yours, than the issue is that stinking thinking that ya’ got going on.

And let me tell you.

It stinks.

Like a massively large skunk, no like a whole village of skunks got let loose in there.
That stinking thinking is causing all your heartache.

It is causing all that fear, that doubt.

The chaos that you cannot seem to manage,

the scarcity of all that you don’t have,

that “reality” of the love that just won’t show up,

or how unhealthy you are.

How sad you are.

How angry you are.

How overwhelmed you are.

Yep that is all stemming from those wild rabid skunks that are running around your mind, spreading their disease and focusing you in on the negative.

On you being a victim to life instead of the God Damn F-cking BOSS that you are.
Here is the thing luv,

it can all be yours,

it can happen in the next second of your life matter a fact.

You can have what you want,

and you can manifest a f-cking miracle NOW.

Because miracles are not rare.

They happen all the effing time,


You can have it.

I swear you can.
And I know how hard that may be to believe in this moment.

That there is nothing staring at you saying that everything is going to be okay.

That you will survive the storm, but I tell you this with CERTAINTY.
You can.

And you WILL.
You must however STOP the insanity of the crazy as f-ck stinking thinking that you got going on between those two ears of yours.
You must get committed to who you are and be willing to shut up and listen to your soul luv.

Your soul is yelling at you except you are choosing to listen to everything else that has crowded its way into that tight space of your head.

And in listening to all the garbage,

in sticking your nose up those skunks asses,

you have focused in on what you don’t want.

And it stinks!

Well no one is forcing you to live those thoughts. If you slow the f-ck down for a second,

and feel into your being you may come to feel that those thoughts make you feel like sh*t even.
And here my luv, is where you can TAKE BACK YOU POWER.

Here is where you make the move from being a victim to that stinking thinking to kicking it to the curb where it belongs and becoming the Mother F-cking BOSS of Your Life.
Do want that?

Do you want to own your life again?

or maybe for the first time?

I mean what would it feel like if you lived a life the way you desired?

What would it feel like if you simply stopped living according to those stinking thinking thoughts and what everyone else tells you to live like?

What would it be life if you were authentically you,

and were loved for it to boot?

Yes that is what I am proclaiming here on Christmas Eve.

I am proclaiming that you give yourself the best gift of the year and for the years to come, and even this life time.
I am proclaiming that you gift yourself with your authentic truth. That you own the f-ck out of your life. That you stop settling for what is given,

and believing those thoughts of victim-hood,

and instead you say f-ck that!


Claim it as yours. Because it never will be someone else’s?

So stop over concerning yourself with all the other fools out there. They are not going to live for you. They are not going to be able to bring to the table of life what you can bring.

They are not going to make the impact that you can make.

They do not love the way you do.

They are not you.
Thank you lord for that!

So why are you giving two f-cks about them?

Why are you letting them step all over you?
Just stop.
Say goodbye to them, goodbye to the stinking thinking thoughts that make you feel like sh*t, ‘and good bye to the actions or lack of actions that come from those thoughts and feelings.
Instead say HELLO….
Hello to YOU.

Hello to SOUL.

Hello to LOVE.







Say hello to your LIFE.

Yes you can.

Start thinking you can and you will. You are that little train, ‘just like me.

I am no better than you luv.

I just believe with certainty that I can and so I do.
Stop trying to move the mountains.

Just roll right over them.
Soul will always guide you.

Listen as God speaks to your heart.

And as always, Stop Existing & Start Living

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